Wring out the old: What to dump/retain as the year turns to Tautological 2020 😊

This is the way the year ends not with a whimper, but a bang. Thank goodness. We must continue to stop the rona-dhona-moana, and start standing up for our rights and for the wronged. Here’s a list:

Amit’s Apocalypse to be stopped in its Anti-national tracks. Ambani shaadis to wow the masses.

BJP and Banks alike should dump non-performing assets. Bullet-walking, not Bullets.

Citizenship should remain Constitutional. Climate shouldn’t change. Clickbait should be curtailed.

Defectors must be deserted; Demagogues detoxed.

Electile shouldn’t be dysfunctional; EC should function. Encounters should be policed.

FinMin should take the economy in hand, not point fingers.

Governance, give back; Government, step back; Ghoos and Ghoospaithiya, go back.

Hindutva without Hate-crimes or Harassment.

Intelligence shouldn’t all be Artificial. Instagram, Intermittent diets ok; IPR/ ID theft nokay.

Jobs should be protected; Judges should protect us.

Kashmirification of India must end.

Lovers, let them be. Loans, let them be given. ‘Likes’, let them keep coming.

Modi magic should get reality check. MeToo should check-male. M-L should be more Machine-learning than Marxism-Leninism.

NRC, NiMo, NPAs have created problems till the Nth degree. NOTA should apply to them all.

Omnipotent PM should stop being Omniabsent, or better still, stay out.

Poverty should remain good for Nobel, not for people; Priyanka/ Padukone, please remain good for all.

Queers & Co not hounded, but respected.

Ratan-Cyrus, do make up. Rahul Bajaj do keep speaking up.

Secularism/ Swachh Bharat/ Superfoods, more of; Sexual assault/ Sarkari Snooping/ Selfiecide, none of.

Terrorism/ Trolls, Down, Down! Team Thackeray, thumbs up.

Uri-style surgical strikes should be good for box-office, not ballotbox-office.

Virat, keep striking; Vikas, end your long-drawn strike.

Warhorse should keep state government stable; give nightmares to Centre.

X-rated films, X-spouses, X-ministers within limits; Extra toppings unlimited.

Yoga must-asana; Yogi thud-asana.

Z security should no longer be needed. Zen is.

* * *

Alec Smart said: “Clean sweep for JMM means jharoo-ing for BJP.”

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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