With malice towards none

Looking at the continuing protests an observer pointed out;  It seems India is uniting against the CAA/ NRC and slowly the idea of Acche Din is disintegrating.

However, I am slightly sceptical about this view. Just because some people decide to come out on streets breaking laws, burn buses and cars and pelt stones is no indicator that they are in the majority. 

Even in past when some came out on streets claiming India has become INTOLERANT and few scholars and artistes started returning their Awards it did initially appear that India is rising against Mr Modi but ultimately we found that those who spearheaded the movement were in minority and they had to shove their foot in their mouths. 

Having witnessed all this drama for the last six years, I have stopped taking these people seriously as it appears to me that these people have no idea of India. 

Having served in armed forces, then in Corporate and thereafter as a Consultant I had an opportunity to train thousands of employees and therefore been interacting with hundreds of Indians on a daily basis and as a result, I am of the opinion that it’s too early to state that India is uniting against CAA. 

Sometimes it is good to be blunt and do some straight talk. We need to put across to these Observers and those protesting some very simple questions which those silently sitting in their homes are asking. The questions may hurt them but at least they may compel those protesting to do some soul searching.

One. Should we not empathise with the concerns of those who have migrated to India complaining of ill-treatment and religious discrimination in Pakistan?

Two. Don’t You get disturbed when You hear that a Hindu or a Sikh girl being forcibly abducted in Pakistan and converted to Islam? These incidents are reported by Pakistan media and not by Sanghis. 

Three. Are the minorities enjoying the same political rights in Pakistan as being enjoyed by minorities here in India?

Four. Don’t You get disturbed when courts in Pakistan punish minorities on the charge of blasphemy?

Five. Has such a thing ever happened to any muslim girl here in India?

Six. Has anyone been punished for Blasphemy here in India?

Seven. Who are those people who are being ill treated in Pakistan/Afghanistan on the basis of religion?

Eight. Aren’t they of Indian origin? 

For your convenience, let me answer this for you; they are the same people who unfortunately got stuck on the other side of Border when India was partitioned.

Nine. What was the fault of these people of Indian origin who got stuck on 14/15 Aug1947 in Pakistan/Afghanistan?

Ten. Who had empowered Jinnah and Congress leaders; Nehru and Sardar Patel to decide the fate of these people of Indian origin by accepting or drawing an imaginary line that left them in this pitiable condition?

Eleven. Who were those people who demanded Pakistan and Voted for Muslim league in 1946 provincial elections overwhelmingly on the agenda of a separate Muslim nation?

Twelve. If Muslim league on this agenda of Pakistan emerged as the largest party to have won 90% seats reserved for Muslims then Why should other communities who did not want Pakistan and had not voted for Muslim league but got stuck across that imaginary line be penalised for no fault of theirs?

Thirteen. Who had voted for Muslim league in 1946 provincial elections so overwhelmingly that it laid the path to Pakistan? Don’t you think the 1946 Provincial elections were a Kind of a referendum for Pakistan?

Fourteen. Who supported Jinnah’s DIRECT ACTION against Hindus?

Fifteen. If we evaluate the results of 1946 Provincial elections and also the riots that took place as a result of this DIRECT ACTION call given by Jinnah, Does it not prima facie appear that many of those who voted for Jinnah on this agenda did not migrate to Pakistan and preferred to stay back on the appeal of Gandhiji and Nehruji?

Sixteen. If the above is likely, then when Bapu himself had said that those left behind in Pakistan will be accepted in India whenever they decide to come back, then why should these Indians be opposing it?

Seventeen. Is it not ironical that the minorities who despite voting for Pakistan, decided to stay back and are now opposing that those who were unfortunately left behind and had not even voted for Pakistan should not come back to India and be able to receive the same benefits that these minorities are enjoying here in India despite their forefathers having voted for Jinnah?

Eighteen. How can one be so callous, obstinate and indifferent to the needs of those who got stuck?

Nineteen. If you all are so great stickler of Constitution and laws then why are you burning pubic property and resorting to loot and pillage? Why can’t you refer this matter to be dealt by courts?

Twenty. If you are so great a stickler of law and constitution then why did you not agitate when Kashmiri Hindus were driven out of their homeland? 

Twenty-One. Was that not unconstitutional? Is your Love for Constitution a matter of CONVENIENCE?

Twenty-Two. What is the cause of your frustration, then? Why does it appear to me that all this pillaging and burning is an outcome of some frustration?

 Twenty Three.  What wrong have we done to you that we deserve such an unreasonable and indifferent conduct from you?

Twenty Four. Why can’t we be GOOD friends, live peacefully and empathise with each other’s concerns and needs and not allow Political outfits to use us as Cannon Fodder? 

Twenty Five. How is CAA discriminatory when nothing has been taken away from Indian Muslims, they are still the citizens of India despite having voted for Pakistan in 1946 Provincial elections.

I am of the opinion that when we were struggling for freedom, India was poor and therefore, the concerns then were of fulfilling the basic needs of the society. But, in these last 70 years, our stomachs are now full, basic needs are met, we now have almost 79 % urban literacy and so needs have changed. The idea of freedom has percolated deep down and so the idea of identity, who we are and what needs to be done to ensure the security of the society are now the new concerns. 

In other words, we have graduated to Higher Needs. 

In view of the above, the obstinate behaviour that Jinnah displayed then and got away with it because of Brits is not likely to work anymore.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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