Why should we write in times of isolation :

We are living in quarantine times where self isolation is not a choice but an utmost need of the times. Everyone these days is exploring a desire to explore their hidden passion ranging from painting, singing, gardening, photography to writing. Here, I shall explore the facet of writing.

Every night, I set my alarm at a fixed time early morning. I sit up in my bed, take my note book and pencil which I leave by my bedside and start writing. In that zone of being half awake and half asleep, I write before I get up, before I meet anyone even before washing my face.

Most of the time, I don’t even know what I am writing about and it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is not the content of what I write, but the very fact of putting pen to paper.

In my profession, I meet and interact with different sets of people. I learn about them and then I write about them. As a life writer, I write about people’s lives. Sometimes, they appear mature sometimes they don’t . Sometimes, I marvel at their maturity and ponder over my own immature thoughts. Sometimes, I write about other people’s lives and sometimes I write about my own. The thing which binds my seemingly two not related fields of being a writer and an entrepreneur is writing.

When I interact with people about writing, many people are of the opinion, that they find writing very monotonous and they do not nurse the desire of becoming a high profile author.

Fact is, that the purpose of writing is not to become the next best selling author but the question is writing helps you in finding your own voice and an opportunity to look deeper.

We all play a certain sport. Most certainly, we do not play that sport to become the best player. We just play to remain fit and make our life interesting. That is what writing is all about, to make your life vibrant and interesting.

When you write with a degree of regularity, something wondrous begins to unfold. After training yourself to write, for two or three weeks you start listening to your own voice much more clearly than your earlier times.

If I quote another example, our mind resembles an extremely busy highway with hundreds of thoughts passing each day. What writing does is that it slowly gets rid of all the extra noise in the head thereby bringing peace to our mind and making it a rural street road instead with less cluttering of thoughts.

When this de-cluttering takes place, you discover that you are not what you used to be. We open up to see that aspect of our personality which we never new existed in the first place. That is precisely the reason why calm descends in the mind of a writer after having attempted writing.

Writing is not only an intellectual activity. If you write, your whole body gets involved in the process, and the whole activity becomes a mind and body activity. Tolstoy said—I must write each day, not so much to get the success of my work, but to not get out of the routine.

If you are to run a race, you will not only show on the day of that race. You will start training little by little until you are able to run effortlessly. It is exactly the same with writing. We don’t expect to run marathon on the first day but we practice each day taking it a little bit further.

If you want to look deeper within yourself and within the people around you and want to hear the decibels of your own voice, do not forget to give writing a chance. Write with no expectations, no demands and find your inner voice in the middle of maddening noise of a loud world.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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