Time to rechristen Children’s Day as Dog’s Day

Though Nehruji has his own defenders of the faith, there is little doubt that the day branded after him for proverbial love for kids is now fading fast. Lost is the glamour it once had for the Gen-past when it meant “free dress” and an almost once-a-year grudging display of affection by the teachers.

A modern Indian child is no longer a child. It is a machine to serve many purposes.

For a parent, it represents unfulfilled dreams, mostly about leaving India through the academic assembly line installed across the nation to make kids export-ready. The only job a parent needs to do is to instill hatred for India in child’s mind while dropping and picking it up from “educational” factories, and presto! We have a carcass of a kid packaged by various tuition classes and institutes of excellence ready to fly out.

For various companies, it is a market and hence an animal that must be trained to have its salivary glands activated on seeing a food item or have a rush of adrenaline on seeing a game.

On the whole, an Indian kid is a toy that many plays with, but even there it is now facing a massive competition.

On this Children’s Day, let us acknowledge that a human child is a hopeless beta version full of faults of a product that has its perfect alpha already in the market. Human child is no longer The Child, as the improved and perfected version of it is in the market, and that is The Dog.

A dog is a perfect child for the new age.

As our philosophers aided by forces of commerce have equivocally proved to our youth that life is only about having fun as long as you can, human child is a passé. It is a horrible misfit for any sensible person who understands that Nirvana is when one works hard and plays hard.

It is clear that no one can have time for a squealing lump of flesh leaking from both ends that is demanding constant attention, and ultimately grows up into an rude teenager and then leaves the parents to have the same fun the parents has to sacrifice to raise it. So, human child is turning out to be God’s error, and hence it needs an urgent replacement.

Thankfully, humanity is saved from a crisis because the child is not only replaceable; the alternative is a lot better than the original as it has everything good that the child once offered.

A dog starts with being small and cuddly, and it is packaged a lot better as it has soft fur. It is just as cutely clumsy as a human child but it never grows out of it an become an awkward teenager who can’t respond to affection without being rude. A dog just carries on and even if it has genetic legacy of a bear-hunter, it still grows up into an amiable clumsy oaf that will respond to a hug with a face lick.

If you feel that this is a mindless rant as dog is no substitute to a human child that mothers are known to die for, here is a proof for you to ponder over.

India is full of orphan kids, and a large number of them live on the streets of India, right in front of our eyes, begging and getting exploited, longing for a loving family. The most reasonable estimate pegs their number at 2.5 crores. Interestingly, we also have street dogs almost of the same quantum.

As there is a way for them to find a loving family through adoption, it is interesting to check how many actually get lifted out of the nightmare of street life and find a home. And this number is the real proof that human kid is a failed “child” beaten hollow by the mighty dog.

We are a nation of 2.5 crore couples who have infertility issues. We also have the likes of Sadhguru asking young and able working couples to go childless to “save the planet” and thus adding even more childless homes to that count. And yet, we have less than ten thousand kids who are adopted every year.

While not even 0.001 % of human kids are finding a loving home, it is easy to see thousands of pleas every day on social media with images of puppies that “need to find a loving home” and responded-to by comments of “poor babies” and “I want one!”.

There is absolutely no doubt that every year, across India, hundreds of times more dogs are adopted by people proud to be a dog parent that human kids.

We like it or not. The truth is staring in front of our face. It is a dog’s world out there with no place for human kids.

Dogs are everywhere, in the parks, in the gardens, on the streets and in homes, competing with a human child on every front. A human kid is pushed out of urban spaces and even homes.

Dogs now live the life that once humans enjoyed. Dogs get personal attention from the parents, dogs get to play, dogs get the best of food, dogs even inherit wealth from their “parents”.

So, move over child as the dog is here, and hence, about time we rechristen the Children’s Day as Dog’s Day.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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