Thrills and spills: Maharashtra elections had enough twists and turns to rival edge-of-the-seat movies 😜

Who doesn’t love a great twist? Brad Pitt in Se7en, asking “What’s in the box?”. The reveal at the end of “Usual Suspects”. Uddhav Thackeray becoming the CM of Maharashtra.

For those who were not following this, Shiv Sena and BJP had a pre-poll alliance in Maharashtra. BJP emerged as the largest party, but could not form a government on its own. Shiv Sena insisted on the CMship, BJP wasn’t having it, and if this reminds you of Saif Ali Khan vs Akshaye Khanna in Race – two brothers who seem to be allied with each other but are actually at each other’s throats – it means you have been following the story. Shiv Sena then allied with the NCP of Sharad Pawar and the Congress of the Nehru-Gandhis, and were going to form the government. When from nowhere, BJP got their CM sworn in by claiming the support of NCP strongman Ajit Pawar, nephew of Sharad Pawar. The family had been broken, the Pawars announced to the media, while others speculated that this schism was merely an eye-wash, a masterstoke from Sharad Pawar, doing what Shah Rukh Khan does in Baazigar, plotting his own defeat to get the bigger prize.

But then again maybe Pawar had lost, for if there was a Dilip Kumar to the Raaj Kumar of Sharad Pawar, it had to be Amit Shahenshah, who not only knows what you did last summer, but every summer before that. The Shiv Sena, it seemed, had truly been Sanjay “Routed”. But in a great thriller nothing is as it appears, as BJP immediately lost its serve, Ajit Pawar was forgiven by his family so fast that it would seem a little bit egregious even in a Sooraj Barjatya film. The CMship went back to the Shiv Sena, a party led by a dynast who rules by the strength of his last name, allied with Congress, a party led by a dynast who rules by the strength of her last name, and NCP, a party led by people with the same surname, forming a solid single-issue front – let’s all keep it in the family.

And something tells me, we have yet to see the final twist, maybe it’s the post-credits. Is this democracy, you ask? Is this why we vote? I don’t know man, but it sure is good entertainment. And given that pretty much all political parties are like the others, a solid thriller is the best we can all hope for when we cast our ballot.

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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