The BJP biggest ally is the Opposition

What should have been an impressive show of strength no fewer than 20 Opposition parties have bonded together to declare that they will jointly protest against the CAA and the proposed National Register of Citizens on Republic Day by reading from the Constitution.

Fortunately for the BJP this is likely to prove little more than a shambolic gesture.

The only way to beat the Lotus party, and stop it from implementing its agenda of promulgating purportedly discriminatory legislation such as the CAA and NRC is by beating it at the ballot box.

And this can be done only through a strategy of seat-sharing and forming anti-BJP alliances in elections at various levels, from assembly to panchayat polls.  

Such an arrangement worked in Maharashtra, where the Shiv Sena, formerly a BJP ally, was induced to join up with the NCP to form the government.

But in Delhi, which is coming up for elections, the ruling AAP and the Congress are at irreconcilable loggerheads, which will split the anti-BJP votes and give the saffron party a chance of victory.

Similarly, in Bengal – where CM Mamata Bannerjee has resolutely rejected the CAA – the ruling Trinamool Congress and the Congress remain daggers drawn, giving the BJP an opportunity to increase its strength in the state.

It’s only when the so-called Opposition stops opposing its own constituents and forms a viable game plan to unitedly oppose its supposed arch adversary, the BJP, that the Lotus will lose its bloom.

Till then it will continue to flower, the meaningless rhetoric of joint protests notwithstanding, as these only go to show that the BJP’s position of power at the Centre remains secure thanks to the contradictions within the Opposition.  

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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