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When you love what you do, you do not have to work for a day in your life! Are you done with your job search this year? If not, here is the best ever proposal for you

Have you ever applied for the position of CHO? This is a new job role recently advertised by an organisation called YOL. You will be surprised to know that this seems to be one of the most sought jobs in the world today. It’s a fantastic profile which not only comes with a huge responsibility but also gives a handsome return!

I am excited to share a few more details of this newfound opportunity. This job allows for flextime working hours. The flexibility is so high that you can even work for all day (& even at night) as per your convenience. You will be further pleased to know that there is no boss in this job role. Goes without saying there are no performance appraisals conducted by human resource department! 

Having said this does not mean there won’t be compensation benefits coming along with this job role. Nah. The referred job actually pays you perfectly well. Interestingly the incentives offered are beyond proportion. Although one is expected to invest an extra effort to be eligible for securing those incentives! However, the comforting part is that the extra-returns surely justify the extra-energy one would put into it!

Such a job opportunity comes with an assurance of getting best ever family-time guarantee which is not available elsewhere. The most exciting element of this position (CHO) with organisation YOL is that it allows you to convert all seven days in a week as holidays! Yes, you read it right – all days can be like weekends, full of joy, entertainment and fun. Do I need to speak out loud the fine print which says “100% job satisfaction assured”!

All good things come at a cost, but not this job. You do not have to apply for it. You don’t even have to appear for an interview to get selected. Everything can happen automatically and instantaneously, given a strong desire from your end! If you want it, the job will come to you. Believe me, this magic could happen faster than any ‘artificial intelligence’ based technology solution!

Now let me unveil the secret. Here are details of this unique organisation YOL, it stands for YOUR OWN LIFE, and CHO stands for Chief Happiness Officer!

Appointment Terms & Conditions: 

If you wish to position yourself as the CHO of YOL, you must adhere to the below-given rules and regulations. As you get aligned with these terms, automatically you get elevated to the position of CHO! 

  1. Start your day with a smile. Whatever may be the life circumstances, never lose an opportunity to radiate joy.
  2. To be eligible for this job it is must to walk or do exercise for 10 mins every day followed by a brief session of breathing based meditation. 
  3. Good food is one prime element of CHO’s life. Good food does not mean eating in big restaurants. Good food is preferably home-cooked, one with less oil and spices, and eaten on time without the Television / Social Media switch-on at the time of eating!
  4. WhatsApp has given us an excellent habit, that for clearing all conversations! Likewise, a CHO needs to clean all useless, irrelevant and disturbing communications from his/her mind every night.
  5. CHO is one who arrives at the right job and at the proper time. Select your career wisely. Go for a psychometric assessment and see the best career fitment for your personality. Do not opt for careers randomly! Seek professional support if required but be scientific in selecting your job.
  6. Learn to accept opinions – Each one of us has the right to behold a particular viewpoint. Not every opinion would resonate with our views. The ability to carefully listen and peacefully accept others thoughts without the urge to convince (and convert) those are a pre-qualifier for the position of CHO.
  7.  With the above qualification, also comes the ability to ‘Let Go’. Must to realise that we are ourselves responsible for adding ecstasy to life. Let us be eager to ‘let go of’ everything and anything which disturbs us emotionally and/or irritates persistently.
  8. CHO’s read positive news! News related to crime, politics are avoided, at least those are not the first thing to be read/ watched in the wee hours. 
  9. Whenever I conduct a training program, I encourage participants to ‘appreciate’. CHO’s know that genuine appreciation works wonders and, the universe gives abundant happiness as a return gift!
  10. CHO’s take sufficient sleep, neither less nor more! Remember excess of everything is harmful.
  11. CHO’s invest in themselves: On a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, you need to invest at least 5% of your time and money in self-development.
  12.  As a CHO, the only prayer one is expected to do is express gratitude – for everything that’s happening in life.

Friends, it’s your own life (YOL), be the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) and enjoy the benefits of lifelong happiness along with satisfaction and success!

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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