Scientists have traced the common roots of the banyan tree of humanity: Homing in on human beings 😜

Following the example of Assam, other Indian states are considering a register of citizenship which will determine who is an `insider’ and who is an ‘outsider’, or illegal migrant.  Such border-line cases are not unique to the Indian subcontinent.  Across the globe, countries are facing waves of mass migration caused by prolonged civil strife, poverty, and other acute hardships.  Scientists have determined that these migratory movements are a case of proto-history repeating itself.

That the entire human race has sprung from a common root, located in what is today’s Africa has long been established by geneticists who have followed the spoor of the DNA constituent which originated with the so-called `Mitochondrial Eve’, the mother of all mankind.  Now, a group of scientists representing dovetailed disciplines – including genetics, geology, and climate change – have pinpointed the precise location in the African region which lies south of the Zambezi river and which spans Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Though now an arid zone because of climatic change, the area was covered with lush wetlands which 200,000 years ago gave rise to the earliest ancestors of homo sapiens. Between 120,000 and 110,000 years ago, two major migrations took place, one to the northeast, and the other to the south west, leaving behind a residual population of indigenes.  These findings give an entirely new mension as to what should be called ‘ghare’ and what ‘baire’ for the entirety of the human species, and before the invention of frontiers and passport control, provide the ‘inside’ story of humanity.

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