Quarentine- Engaging the young minds…

To emerge as winners during the unforeseen and unpredictable times requires a lot of mental strength, positive attitude and undying motivation. When all are passing through a time of uncertainty and fear, the above seems to be a herculean task. Nevertheless the only way to achieve the above is to pack your day with a variety of time based activities at home and competitions with family and friends over the social media. This is the time wherein everyone is free from all sorts of daily time table schedules this time can be taken as a blessing in disguise. This period can be taken to foster the growth of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship.

Each and everyone can utilize this time to enhance the interpersonal relationships wherein each member of the family starts empathizing with the others. Sharing and caring in the true spirit at this juncture gives an insight into the roles the others are leading. Utilize this time to understand the likes of other family members and god given opportunities to share the interests of others. This attempt into developing interpersonal relationships also gives rise to greater insights into intrapersonal relation as well.

Here are a few things which can be done at home during the lockdown for families. First and foremost whatever activities are being undertaken, they should be time based, should be done for at least a week and at the most two to three activities per day apart from your own routine.

With parental assistance for children-

1) Developing time management skills in children- encourage your children to device the entire day’s routine for everyone. Emphasis on all daily routines with time for each activity for example time of getting up, freshen up, eating, bathing, cooking, cleaning, washing, studying, playing games etc. They should be encouraged to monitor everyone as per the schedule they have made. This will help in developing the sense of time in the children as well as keep them aware and alert throughout the day.

2) Enhancing Leadership skills in children- Have your children discuss and decide upon the food menu for the day for a week. Encourage and help them to develop the menu keeping in time the resources available, nutrition, everyone’s likes and taste. Guide and help in drawing a child’s attention towards the variety of foods, intricacies of cooking, time and effort taken. This would further help in making the child alert in eating the food items he has devised for the family.

3) Honing Problem solving skills- encourage the child to develop new games related to his study material. For example, preparing acronyms in memorizing a concept in science, or developing play way methods to learn the tables, lists of antonyms, synonyms etc. Develop stories to remember dates in social studies, easy ways to learn and remember the equations, formulas in Maths, Chemistry, Physics.

4) Develop self study skills in children- This is the best time to develop the self study skills in children so that when once everything is normalized, our children will not have to run for extra tuitions outside. Help your children to make Fill in the blanks, true and false from two to three pages at a time. Make them attempt and then check their work. This will develop in them a sense of confidence due to the automatic learning. Even if your children have not yet received the books for the next grade, they can pick up any book and do the above. This process develops in them a confidence that they can learn on their own.

Apart from the above the elder children of the family can be motivated to teach the younger one’s. This will help in their own basic concepts getting clear plus it will facilitate good learning in the younger ones.

5) Promoting creative thinking- A family based activity; the best way to do this is to involve the children in developing a story session after dinner time on a situation. Situations can be given by the father and everyone gets a fixed amount of time to come up with their stories. To make it more interesting the stories can be enacted with props in which the full family participates.

The above ideas can be taken up individually for an hour each spaced over the entire day. When the head of the family is involved the children automatically get interested and participative.

Make the most of the time available to develop the skills your children will need in the world they step into tomorrow.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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