Practise and see one in the synthesis of many

By Shri Shri Anandamurti

The attainment of Brahmn, Universal Consciousness, the Supreme Entity, is not possible through the mind, nor is it feasible through words. After reaching the Supreme via consciousness, the mind being non-existent, the six enemies – lust, anger, avarice, delusion, pride and envy – also cannot remain there. The sadhaka, practitioner, then becomes free of all fear.

The Supreme Consciousness is unseeable, for it is not perceptible by the sight-organ. One cannot apprehend nor understand an extremely vast and subtle thing through one’s sense organs. In the physical world, molecules and atoms are too subtle to be seen. Only with the help of scientific instruments, one may hope to witness them. Similarly, the Supreme Consciousness is not visible – that is to say, one has to take pains to “see” Him. Just as intellectual and scientific vision is necessary for seeing molecules and atoms, similarly, spiritual vision is necessary for seeing the Supreme Brahmn.

‘Gudha’ means deep. The Supreme is deep. With superficial sentiment, it is impossible for you to know Him. You have to go deep inside – you will have to be introspective. External sight will not do. The one you see as an ordinary man with your external sight, is actually a conscious entity, if you see him with your internal sight. He abides in all entities in an immutable form. In reality, the first and last word of spiritual sadhana is to see the synthesis of many in One.

Physics is characteristically analytical. So the investigation, the research on matter, is carried out externally. But in the sphere of investigation and intuitive comprehension of what is characteristically unific or synthetic, there is no other alternative than to take recourse to introspection. This Purusha Entity is inherent and permanent in all objects and so to “see” Him one has got to establish oneself in the subtlest of the subtle, deepest of the deep spheres. He abides in the innermost recess or the fundamental intellect as its Supreme Knower. He is the vital Entity of that cavity – that sense of ego, which is within you and that is why, He has been called Guhahita, “caverned”. In order to know the Supreme Brahmn you will have to proceed in a straight and simple way into the inner realm, making your thought subtler and yet subtler.

When one attains intuitional knowledge, all one’s troubles and woes disappear. Do you know why? The mind is the perceiver of pleasure and pain, but Brahmn is even above the supra-mental stage. In order to attain Brahmn, the Universal Consciousness, you have got to step outside the limit of your mind and along with it you will have to leave behind all the pleasurable and sufferable junk of your distorted mind.

You cannot attain the Supreme through your worldly erudition or by the stamp of your degrees and diplomas, for all worldly knowledge is subject to time, space and person. To achieve that Brahmn who is the supreme goal of spirituality, one has to take recourse to sadhana and spiritual sacrifice. Through regular and dedicated practice, one attains a state which is called the state of supreme bliss.

Kolkata: A three-day Ananda Marga Annual Dharma Maha Sammelan is being held from January 1-3, 2020, at Ananda Nagar, Purulia, WB.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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