Pee for perfect: A liberating device which enables women to stand on an equal footing with men – literally

The other day in my local mini store in Gurgaon where I live, I came across a product I’d never seen before and which can enable women – not just in India but all over the world – to be on an equal footing, quite literally, with men when it comes to performing an everyday biological function, colloquially known as peeing, or weeing.

When it comes to using public toilets in India – in the few and far between places where such varities are to be found – women are at a great disadvantage to men in terms of basic hygiene.  Barring the few Sulabh Shauchalayas dotted here and there in urban areas, many if not most public loos are filthy, and disgusting to use, particularly for women, if they happen to be not Indian-style ‘squatties’ but western-style ‘potties’, which require a female user to sit on it when doing a wee.

Thanks to their anatomical structure, men can stand and deliver, so to speak, when relieving their bladders, thus obviating the necessity to come into bodily contact with the seat of the western-style potty.  When using a western-style loo for the same reason, women have little option but to sit on the potty, which more often than not has been liberally anointed with male urea, despite lavatorial caveats like ‘We aim to please – you aim too, please.’

A great many men, though well into adulthood, are not potty-trained, even to the extent of lifting the seat of the commode before letting fly. The result is best left to the imagination rather than described.

I know of women who routinely carry in their handbags disposable paper seat covers to use in public loos as a sanitary safeguard against pee-drenched potties. Others adopt a half-squat posture over the potty, which can result in painful leg cramps.

Now, however, thanks to the product I saw the other day, women can use public loos with the same impunity as men.  The product is a simple, tube-like device which, attached appropriately, enables women to be upstanding, male-like, when doing what comes naturally.

A small step up for women, a giant leap for weemankind.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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