Pakistan today from the voice of a Pakistani Christian

I just saw the most revealing and heart rending video today from a Pakistani Christian and if after what I write the politicians of India, and some Mullahs in in this country still feel the Citizen’s Amendment Act, is against them, please listen to the many voices from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I would think every person in Shaheen Bagh and the elite of India would raise their voices against what is happening to the minorities in Pakistan and just for their human rights would write and fill up our newspapers with the pitiful conditions of girls from Hindu, Christian and Sikhs living in that country.

From the many social media outlets, the voice of Rahat John Austin, on You Tube compelled me to write about this.

Austin speaks about these problems very matter of factly, and yet it needs to be heard.

He starts of about the story that made headlines recently about a Hindu cricketer in the Pakistan team who was one of the best but was ostracised even while playing for Pakistan by his Muslim colleagues. He says it is not really the fault of his colleagues as from the time they go to school they are made to feel the difference between them and the children of a lesser God be they Sikh, Hindu or Christian.

He talks about text books teaching hate against non Muslims and teachers in schools hammering in this point. He says our parents would warn us not to defend ourselves and get into fights as there would be no recourse. Austin recalls the many times when Christian and Hindu places of worship were vandalised and the houses in their communities burnt, but the perpetrators even when caught were given light sentences, whilst the Blasphemy Laws would be misused to get even minors a death sentence.

In schools there would be different water dispensers from which the minority communities could drink water from and God Forgive the child who accidentally drank the water from a fountain for Muslim majority children. This is what happened in the fields of a village with Asiya Bibi the well known case against a innocent Christian women who spent 10 years on death row before a worldwide campaign got her spirited away to Canada.

Not even Britain would accept her as they were scared to upset their Pakistani voters. This the state of affairs in Pakistan in the year 2020. This speaks volumes of Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan, where he uses words like the fascist regime of India, whereas, his own country, kills innocent people in Baluchistan, Sindh, and the frontier provinces. Where a 1000 young girls are abducted, raped and married off to Muslim men much older than themselves and forcibly converted. Where the case of a young minor Rinkle Kumari, proved that she had been gang raped by a Mullah and than made to marry a much older man and when she pleaded in court, she was told she was converted to a Muslim and thus there was no way back and would have to live with her rapist husband.

The 1000 girls that are forcibly converted and abducted and raped are just the official figures. Many more are not reported as the local police refuse to file FIRs. The parents can go from pillar to post but no one is willing to listen. Few lawyers willing to take up their cases as many are not only threatened but killed as in the case of Asiya Bibi, where even the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, was shot by his body gaurd, for the sin of standing up for her and visiting her in prison.

The bodyguard was brought to justice as it was a too high profile case to go unpunished. The most telling thing is that once he was hanged millions of Pakistanis came for his burial and now a shrine exists for him and he is literally worshipped by the masses, including some of Imran Khan’s own party people. Once elected their first visit was to the shrine of a murderer, who they felt had rightly killed Salman Taseer for standing up to the rights of an innocent woman on death row.

This is how bizarre the Pakistan of the 21st Century is.

Austin in his video also talked about the fact that the most menial jobs in Pakistan like sanitation and cleaning sewage were advertised in the newspapers for Non Muslims only. It is ditto to what happened in Kashmir when they invited 200 familes to Srinagar for sanitation work but refused to give future generations any jobs but what their parents came for, even when their kids topped in the school leaving exams.

This is also happening in Pakistan and Austin said that minorities can’t even open restaurants because no one would want to eat in a place run by non Muslims! Even the educational institutions that were set up by Christians and Hindus, in Pakistan, have now all been taken up by the state. Just the fact that Hindus and Christians were more educated and did better in life made them pariahs in the nation and even textbooks wrote about them as conniving people.

Thus even children today grow up learning about how bad the other is and how one should not mix with them or eat with them or have anything to do with them as they are dirty and inferior.

If only our elite and journalists and the Mullahs and politicians against the CAA would listen to such voices from Pakistan, perhaps it would move them enough to stop the nonsense and rumours they are spreading and feel for the girls and minorities forced into marriages and menial jobs, with nothing to look forward too.

Is this to much to ask of Indian Citizens who all benefit equally from every program the government starts whether it be housing for all, toilets, efficient and clean trains, electricity and skill training along with better education with scholarships.
And in India you will never see a newspaper advertisement that clarifies that only Muslims can apply for menial jobs as it does for minorities in Pakistan.

This would be a offence that could be taken up in our judicial system, unlike in Pakistan. I wonder why Aakar Patel of Amnesty International has not highlighted this? Could he be biased? I just hope not as he is letting an International NGO down by not highlighting why it is necessary for India to accept the minorities from such countries, that are deliberately discriminating against their own citizens.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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