Has justice been done? 

The law may or may not have been followed but has justice been done? Given the state of our judicial system today, is this the only way to deal effectively with a horrendous crime like rape? The killing of 4 alleged rapists-murderers in Hyderabad by means of an encounter has […]

Lok Sabha to vote today on citizenship bill

NEW DELHI: Lok Sabha will on Monday debate and vote on the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, which seeks to profoundly alter how Indian citizenship will be determined by offering Indian nationality on grounds of “religious persecution” to Hindus and other minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The bill has sharply […]

Over 7,000 exit BTech in IIT in last 5 years

BENGALURU: As many as 7,248 students dropped out of India’s holy grail of engineering education, the Indian Institutes of Technology, over the past five years. This staggering dropout statistic was revealed by the ministry of human resource development in the Lok Sabha recently while making a statement on top engineering […]

‘Catch’ anger as soon as you see it

By James Anderson The inside of our being always governs the outside, so for well-being to be complete, the whole needs to move forward in an integral way. Our emotions have a crucial role in this process. Properly channeled, they elevate us to new heights, but if distorted and downgraded, […]

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