Our democrazy: Sane, Sena, sanest: Can you make sense of this manic mandate?

Just look at the poll toll. Once-swaggering parties and pundits are now tol-mol kar baat karoing. In fact, the wayward results have made word-weighers wish that the wisdom of hindsight had been that of foresight. Aam aurats like me find their discomfiture quite juicy, mainly the fact that the alpha alphonso began langda-limping. But i’m still scratching my head since logic has gone into sirshasana. Consider the conundrum: Winner parties have a hang-dog look, and the defeated ones are strutting like the cock of the walk.

Beleaguered and belittled Sharad Pawar thundered to victory, drenched in rain and revenge. Imagine the irony: the old war-horse’s come-back has given come-uppance to our original Commander-in-Chief ever ready, willing and able to do battle against the terrorists, their minder and his own rivals.

Speaking of yuddh, BJP’s war chest probably weighs 56 tonnes, and has been used to tote up the majority for some time. This backroom buying quite ash-smeared the party’s holier-than-thou stance. In Haryana, it was in danger of being reduced to cinders when, for a while, it seemed to have had no qualms about supping up with the unsavoury Gopal Kanda. That notorious MLA is on trial for abetting the suicide of his airhostess employee, Gitika Sharma in 2012, and that of her tormented mother six months later.

The poll bazar has also altered language. ‘Unconditional’ as in ‘support’ doesn’t include ‘unpaid’. Actually, power and money have always been synonymous, across history, geographies and disciplines. Chemistry has nothing to do with it.

Or take Maharashtra. There’s now an uneasy truce, but all week, the marriage looked more akin to divorce. The division of spoils turned so acrimonious that maybe the saffron spouses should have signed a pre-nup. The Sena mouthpiece, Saamana, made khullam khulla attacks, eg: ‘Do not be arrogant or you will be turned to dust’ and ‘Power and largescale defections can’t crush the Opposition.’ The SS itself is a glutton for hunger games.

From ‘divorce’ let’s turn to that most-reviled D word. Dynastic succession is perpetuated by those who most loudly demanded its death. Uddhav’s 50:50 is an invocation to the rising son; and Dushyant Chautala is as fourth-generation as You-know-who. Across parties, Family rules. Just like the Mafia.


Alec Smart said: “Poll tragictory – from promises to compromises.”          

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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