Of cabbages, and kings and free coffee: Getting royalties by being royal 😊

Having created a toofan in a Buckingham Palace garden party tea cup backhome, by declaring without so much as a by-your-leave that they were abdicating their duties and responsibilities as members of the British monarchy, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, nee Megan Markel, the Hollywood actor, have reportedly caused a kerfuffle in a Canadian coffee mug. The contretemps took place when a Canadian coffee chain offered the footloose and fancy-free royal couple “free coffee for life” should they decide to set up shop, in a manor of speaking, in the land of the Maple Leaf.

The freebie offer, coming from a company which has already been accused of unfair trade practices for locking out some of its employees for demanding a pay rise, attracted a lot of flak from Canadians who made it clear that they concur with the sentiment that kind hearts are better than coronets. Such coffee grounds for complaint notwithstanding, other claimants to dynastic descent might be inspired by the episode to relaunch their own careers based on what might come to be called a `Rent a Royal’ business model. While a number of our own derecognised princes have devised revenue sources by turning their palaces into hotels which could aptly be described as majestic, there are many of their tribe still in search of gainful employment. By hiring out their services to add regal ritz to events like destination weddings, pauper princes could earn a livelihood by emulating the dictum `Raja ban gaya gentleman.’

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