Maharashtra’s power politics

So with President’s Rule imposed in Maharashtra, Amit Shah has another kitty in his bag. The naked display of power in Maharashtra is spectacular. First things first, in the West, resorts are made so that the common man may enjoy them. In India, they are made to herd MLAs for weeks on end. I want to be an MLA.

The BJP wanted the chief ministership all to itself. So the Sena rebelled and quit in a huff. Now the Sena wants the chief ministership all to itself, and will not share it with the NCP, which thereby refuses to bond with the Sena. What is so attractive about the chief ministership?

In the meanwhile, the Congress is wondering what it is getting out of the whole deal. Let it be noted that in circa 2020, in the reign of Sonia Gandhi, all just and kind and merciful, no discredited Congressman (Ashok Chavan: Adarsh scam; Shinde: 26/11 fiasco) was ever guillotined. They all lived to fight another day and be consulted or be ignored as per her whims.

Sharad Pawar was going to become the prime minister of India in 1991, but Sonia thwarted him. He then rebelled and left the Congress which she resurrected herself to lead it. Now they are the best of buddies. First Pawar acted as if Sonia was not agreeable to the Sena. Once she became agreeable, he himself has become disagreeable.

No party wants an election right now because the verdict may be the same fractious one as before’s. Amit Shah has so much on his plate right now, how will he take up the additional governance of Maharashtra? Already he has given the onerous task of ruling J&K and Ladakh to two bureaucrats. Viva the IAS. Not only do you get to rule from behind, but from the front as well.

If the Sena-NCP-Congress is able to perform, they will win votes in the next election. If they squabble and die, the BJP will gain. But what is this common minimum programme? That the Sena will not beat up on the minorities, who are the vote banks of the Congress and the NCP.

And why is Uddhav Thackeray giving so much importance to Aaditya Thackeray, who is only 29. At such a tender age, Bal Thackeray never gave Uddhav even half as much importance. It used to be Bal all the way.

Spare a thought for poor Devendra Fadnavis. The RSS plucked the completely unknown Marathi Brahmin Fadnavis out of obscurity and made him CM of Maharashtra. Fadnavis completely rode roughshod over the Marathas — the Sena and the NCP — all the while showing his innocent baby face, forgetting that yes, the language, Marathi, was common, but caste equations were equally important in the state.

The Sena hated him so much that they wouldn’t have him as CM for one more second. Fadnavis is young and can still bend his back.

Maharashtra has shown that our politicians do not perform for the public. They perform for themselves. The full CM chair for half the time, two legs of the CM chair for all the time, 50:50 sharing of all portfolios (why not have two chief ministers and two ministers for every portfolio or if the Sena-NCP-Congress combine comes to power, three CMs and three ministers).

The people’s verdict in Maharashtra has shown how shameless our politicians really are. The RSS wants Fadnavis or maybe even Gadkari (who is too shrewd to plonk himself in this Godawful mess), Uddhav wants Aaditya, Sharad Pawar Ajit Pawar or Supriya Sule, who Sonia wants no one knows.

The threat of a looming Amit Shah should be enough to concentrate anyone’s mind. The BJP has become untouchable in Maharashtra. Let the other touchables decide how much they want to touch each other and get on with it.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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