Lectures on video call, and time to organise old photo albums

I woke up and looked at the dust on the floor and thought to myself, something must be done about this. My husband and I divide duties, so if one is cooking, the other cleans up. As a working couple, we’re pretty used to storing things away in the freezer, so we had to decide whether to cook using those, or to use perishable ingredients. I did some cooking, and then enjoyed a coffee break with some music, a weekend ritual of ours.

On Monday, the order came in allowing Delhi University professors to work from home. People in the corporate sector have experience with working from home, but we don’t. My days have been about disciplining myself and not getting carried away with resting and watching TV. So, I spend time preparing for my lectures, while my husband, who works half-day, organises old photo albums. While guest teachers are conducting classes on video-conferencing platforms, permanent teachers such as myself are working using Google Docs. We make bullet points of the reading we’re teaching that day, and put that up. We shoot our students a message when it’s been uploaded, and they reach out via WhatsApp or email with their queries. We jump on a Zoom call to discuss.

I also devote time for my writing work, other than my teaching. I have two books in the publishing stage that I work on for a few hours every day. I’m trying to get some exercise in at home, otherwise one starts to feel a bit lethargic and bulky. I walked up and down the corridor of my house for half an hour. Since we don’t have any help anymore, even things like dusting and cooking become another form of exercise. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us end up losing some weight when this is all over.

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