It’s yours for the taking

Energetically you are already aligned to your best weight, your best job, your best soulmate, your best abundance, your best wish, whatever it is.

Enjoy it now.

To do this, the Universal Energy wants to hear from you that you believe this and what it would mean for you to be aligned with your highest and most abundant self.

Say it so that the Universe can hear it. Claim it, so the Source knows that you are acting out of faith and trust. It wants you to be true to what is yours in the middle of your life right here, right now. So, say it like you mean it, live like you are it and proclaim like there is no other truth higher than it!

Once you begin to believe it you will see yourself attracting all the things that facilitate the fruition of that desire. You will witness that wish being fulfilled right before your eyes.

The life-situation you are in right now is exactly where you are meant to be. So embrace this as the best place to start and begin now with the next best thing for you to do. Do not get burdened and afraid by the magnitude of your situation. It will all be alright, one step at a time. Be not afraid of taking this step and all the other tiny steps that lead you, in time, to your goal.

Living in the grace of your Universal Energy, believing that this is your fate today and working from there, no matter how difficult, is the way to be.

In that acceptance, you have acknowledged your life-situation as an inevitable part of your destiny and have moved on from there.

It might not let you and might engulf your very being, at first, but you acknowledge that you have taken the step to move slightly forward. That is commendable.

That is embracing your destiny and your power.

In time, you will realize what it means to live in your full purpose, power and protection. You will see what the Universal Intelligence is trying to unfurl through you in this life-situation that has you mangled and shattered.

See that there is an evolution of your soul in this process and accept what it is. Get that fresh perspective and insight into where you are and what is being revealed to you.

It is your responsibility to infuse yourself with the bliss and love of Source. Make it your daily ritual to picture yourself joyful, immersed in unconditional love from the Universe, fearless and ready to do whatever is required to be done to claim your abundance. Then watch it appear. See the response of your Source bringing your destiny to you. Be open and receptive to your highest good. It is a promise of your Maker and it will happen.

You will see proof.

So, know that you deserve your healing.

Understand, that this abundance is yours now, no matter who you are and where you are. You do not have to control anyone or anything to deserve your best. You are worthy enough, good enough, pretty enough, confident enough, smart enough and you what you believe you lack, is an imaginary lack. That is how you are made. Your projections of lack are untrue and you need to make up your mind to realise that they are false. Rather than believing in this false lack believe in the reality of the strengths you possess. The ego encourages you to see a self that is separate from the One and not enough, your Source encourages you to see yourself as One with the Source with the perfect way of receiving your abundance in the moment you choose to accept it.

There is a version of you, right now, that is without your current lacks and conflicts and is the best version of you. Believing in this version is your task. Asking questions about this version and who this Universal Intelligence is, are all valid steps to getting to a point of acceptance and faith in your life. Do not be stuck in the questions rather know through your being.

Know, that this version is yours for the taking and say “I wholeheartedly accept that I am complete and whole and abundant right now and I receive my truth!” And so it is.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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