I am sorry

Laddu Pinto was going through a mental crisis. He worked as Head HR with a reputed organisation. On account of his abilities, qualifications and skills, he had grown up relatively fast to such a high level in the organisational hierarchy.

He had made a derogatory remark in public for one of his team member, which was primarily based (and hence biased) on the mass opinion about the person’s behaviour and performance.

As is said, reality can always be skin deep. A few months later, Laddu realised that the person concerned was actually a gentleman. It was heartbreaking for him to accept the fact that he tarnished the public image of a good man. When Laddu approached me with this load of regret in his heart, he was seemingly depressed and concerned. He wanted a quick fix solution to get out of the mental harassment created by himself.

I offered him a straightforward tool for guilt liberation. I suggested him to say, “I am sorry”.

Friends, accepting a mistake is a persuasive format of repentance.

Once you admit that you committed something wrong, the fastest way to get out of the mental trauma is to face the person concerned head-on and make the confession. Let me tell you, this is not easy.

The most significant barrier in this process is fear and ego. It is only the courageous who can take such firm decisions in life.
Saying sorry enables a person to absolve himself/herself from irritation generated out of self-incited inappropriate actions. Be it your professional circumstances or situations in personal life, asking for forgiveness and admitting the error is a great virtue to behold. It must be understood very clearly that confession is not equivalent to crime when it comes to mistakes related to human behaviour. On the contrary, when you admit having gone wrong in your thoughts or decisions, it only demonstrates your keen desire to be in harmony with the ecosystem. Such an action shows your love for establishing and nurturing fruitful relationships.

On many occasions, I have observed that it took me a lot of courage to say, “I am sorry” or that “I was wrong”. However, having uttered these words, I found that life became very easy for me. The flag of happiness which was sunk under the pressure of guilt unfurled on its own! That’s when I realised how excruciating it was for me when I was making efforts to sustain with the unexplained untruth! There can be nothing much torturing in life than to live with such pain.

Well, not everyone can be correct all the times! In spite of making all reasonable efforts and beholding a proper attitude, one can get into the mesh of a mistake. Our society and also the education system did wrong to us by not teaching us to accept this fact of life. On the contrary, we grew up finding faults in others. Usually, it is effortless and comforting to pinpoint mistakes committed by others. However, if one dares to highlight errors committed by others, the person should also have the humbleness to accept their own mistakes! Admitting that it was an inappropriate step and that there were ways to avoid it renders a person wise and compassionate.

We human beings are always ‘work in progress’! No one can be perfect or correct all the times. Humanity is to be flexible with thoughts and emotions. Acceptance and correction are the character binders. Friends, as I said above, the big bottleneck in the process of saying “I am sorry” is the human ego. Only those who can educate themselves to tame their ego, get to experience happiness and bliss.

Situations can go wrong, and you may slip from the righteous path sometimes. The first step to realign is to make a self-confession. It’s no valour to conveniently avoid our weaknesses and errors. Take the initiative and speak with yourself. Go to the mirror, look into your own eyes and say. “I am sorry”. Never edit mistakes out of the script of your life.

One must always be wise enough to keep our eyes open and be able to see our own mistakes. The next step is to admit those, and this requires lions courage. Saying ‘I am sorry’, can always be the first step in mending your relationships.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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