Hook or crook: With over 43% MPs having criminal cases pending, Bablu and Babli wonder if they’re in the wrong line of business 😊

Small-time crooks, Bablu and Babli, pondering a career change.

Bablu: Did you see that report in the TOI last week that over 43% of MPs, from all parties, have criminal cases against them?

Babli: I did. And I think we’re in the wrong business.

Bablu: Wrong business? But we’ve been in business of crookery all our lives. Like your Dad, and my Dad. And all our Unclejis and Auntiejis, and Coujin-brotherjis. Crooks, one and all. It’s a family tradition.

Babli: Well, it’s time we changed the family tradition, like all these MPs seem to have done. Like them, we too should join politics.

Bablu: But we don’t know a thing about politics, or what politicians are meant to do. All we know is how to be crooks.

Babli: We’ll learn on the job. Like these 43%-plus MPs supposedly have done. One thing at least some politicians appear to do are called scams. There’ve been fodder scams, and defence scams, and VIP helicopter scams, and other scams too many to mention. And they’re all called something or other ‘Gate’, to help people remember them and tell them apart.

Bablu: What exactly are scams, and how does one do them, and why?

Babli: OK, when we do our dandha of hera-pheri and chora-chori how much do we make each time?

Bablu: A couple of thousand bucks each time, I guess.

Babli: Peanuts! Less than peanuts. In just one scam one can make crores, hundreds of crores, thousands of crores.

Bablu: No kidding. But does one have to join politics to do scams?

Babli: It’s not obligatory. But it does seem to help. So we’ll join politics by forming our own two-member political party called All-India Charsobeesee Andolan. And I’ll be party president for life.

Bablu: Okey-doke. And I’ll be party treasurer.

Babli: Treasurer? Our party doesn’t have any funds to treasure.

Bablu: We do have funds. I’ve just pinched your wallet in our first scam, called Pocketmaargate …

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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