Heir quality index: Shouldn’t polluter pays principle apply to neta beta & family 😜

While Dilli chokes the rest of India jokes. Choiceless, Delliwallahs and Dilli Billis too are laughing along, as heartily as their masks permit. ‘Haze Khas’ and ‘Dhua Kuan’ have spread like viral fever. For neo-elitists, ‘PoLutyens Delhi’ is actually a bane for all seasons. For many others, so is the acrid atmosphere of the Choke Sabha.

In these scary times, merely initialising Sardar Patel Marg to SPM, could attract charges of ‘sadition’. Yet, there’s something suspiciously political in the opaque, toxic environment that has enveloped the national capital region. SMOG may be overwhelmingly present, but would i ever suggest that it stands for Shah Modi Government?

Last Sunday, Delhi’s AQI was the planet’s worst. More mortifying, it was seven times worse than No 2 Lahore’s. Being second to none in converting threat to opportunity, our PM can surely turn this crisis into a Pakistan-hatched terror attack.

It would certainly help divert attention from the Maharashtra impasse. Blazing-saffron skies had been predicted, but we now have zero-visibility on the next government. Our problem sounds the same as Delhi’s. If it’s air there, it’s heir here.

Uddhav’s insistence on sharing CM-ship is as paternal as political. Aditya, 29, is a feisty foal who’s been tossing his fiery mane right from college days when he led the burning of Rohinton Mistry’s celebrated book. And it’s been Such A Short Journey since. Impatient to seize the reins, he ordered action for rain-ravaged farmers even before being sworn in. However, sonrise doesn’t necessarily bring brighter prospects.

Dynasty is demonisd and perpetuated with equal fervour. This time’s candidates reinforced the Mom & Pop Store that is Indian politics. Eleven of Maharashtra’s 24 elected women MLAs were biwi, beti or bahu of political big daddies. Dushyant Chautala’s is an uninterrupted lineage. Devi Lal was not just his great-grandfather, but Tao, the nation’s Uncle-ji.

We’ve also had several ‘extraconstitutional authorities’ after Sanjay G.  Chandan Basu plugged into his Baba’s Jyoti; Vajpayee’s ‘foster’ son-in-law exuded power; Mamata has her demanding nephew.

Now Sebi has put a similar blot on our Inc. It directed companies to separate the posts of Chairman and MD, and ensure that the two weren’t from the same family. Expectedly, CII, FICCI and individual industrialists vehemently objected.

Can we ever brush away a Bad Heir Day?


Alec Smart said: “Is WhatsApp now WhosTapp?”

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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