H2O Savings account

Amidst rising water crisis in our day to day life, it has been very mandatory now to save water for ourselves & our procreations. We normally say in our dialect- “He/She Spends Money Like water” but the present scenario is “Water” has become one of the crucial commodities.

I see a 10-year challenge wavering around social media these days wherein the left part of the canvas has a ten years old picture and the other part parks the most recent picture. Let us take a 10-year challenge likewise to check water availability around the nation, how our water reserves have gone exponentially down in the last ten years.

Punjab – the land of 5 rivers.  It is ironic that the land, which is named after five rivers: Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum, Sutlej, and Beas, is endangered to become the land without water, that is, “Be-Aab”

Apart from Punjab, various states of our nation are on the list of endangered to be thirsty. Few months back IT Companies in Chennai had asked their employees to work from home due to unavailability of potable water. It has been predicted that the next war could arise because of the water crisis around the globe.

Now the question arises what can be done to protect water which is a gift from our mother nature. The first thing that should be done is to prevent the wastage of water which is done at a very large scale in our country. The stats claim that most of the water gets wasted because of leaking pipes & we must ensure that water should not get wasted because of leakages. This can serve as a recurring deposit to our H2O Savings Account. Next thing that could be done is to store the rainwater, which can help to recover the groundwater levels.

Various building concepts are introduced to store the rainwater. This storage of rainwater can act as a Fixed Deposit that can be done on every monsoon to our H2O Savings Account.

Last but not least, rules should be made from scratch just to ensure that we protect water for the generations to come. Not just formulating the rules but keeping an eye on the aftermath is also very crucial So, let’s develop a ten-year challenge from now to make sure we recover groundwater levels in the next decade & see our H2O savings account grow big.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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