End of Baghdadi: Is terrorism over?

With killing of the world’s most-wanted terrorist and also the kingpin of Islamic State organisation (ISIS), Abu al Baghdadi, people all across the world may heave a sigh of relief for some time. This is what exactly happened after killing of Al-Qaeda’s chief Osama bin Laden few years ago. But the consequent vacuum was soon filled with the emergence of Abu al Baghdadi, as head of ISIS, who was once ruling over vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, as the de-facto ruler.

Because by simply killing a terrorist, the ideology of terror having roots in the phenomenon of hate and violence, can’t be eliminated for all times to come. Thus Baghdadi, or earlier Laden, received their obvious due at the hands of the US’ brave commandos who did really accomplish the almost impossible mission twice with meticulous planning and precise attack with exemplary courage. Obviously, the credit goes to America and that certainly adds a feather in its cap against the backdrop of its (America) led on-going war against global terror. Also because the US is perhaps the worst sufferer of global terrorism, as the horrible memory of 9/11 terror strike on WTC is still fresh not only in the American minds but also among most of the people in the whole world.

But what remains unanswered today is the fact that why people take recourse to the ideology of hate and violence and finally terrorism? Are they born terrorists? Indeed, this is not so because nobody is born with guns or bombs in hand. In fact, there happen to be various unfortunate reasons leading to several kinds of injustices in the form of atrocities, repression or suppression, unleashed by the powerful few over the weaker sections of the society who, after suffering such unbearable trauma of discrimination and exploitation and finding no other solution to protect themselves, ultimately choose the path of violence and terror in defence of their own rights or property. In fact, this is the classical analysis of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle who attributed injustice as the sole reason behind all kinds of violent changes or even revolution. The proletariat of Karl Marx also revolts in the last under compulsion of choosing between life and death.

It is a well known fact that most of the western countries of the North, as colonial masters, had brutally exploited and ruthlessly suppressed the native people in their so-mandated colonies, spreading over in the continents of Africa, Asia or Latin America, commonly known as Third World in the South, during the long spell of colonialism in the past centuries. Similarly, insurgency and Maoism, as reflected in various shades of violence and terror in many countries including Naxalism in India, are also the worst outbursts of pent-up and suppressed anger among native or local people suffering grave injustices or atrocities in different forms, inflicted mercilessly upon them by the powerful lords or de-facto rulers in these societies. These are, in fact, some of the well-known reasons which fan the suppressed anger among the suffering lots who have, so far, failed to react at that moment.

But today’s terrorists are a bit different from the earlier ones as they aim higher to establish their political and economic influence as undisputed rulers of the whole world, enjoying all material pleasures and rewards. As they are devoid of conscience and mostly possess no talent or merit worthy of service towards humanity, they only rely on brute violence and do maintain their reign of terror in their self-defence by projecting distorted or even wrong interpretation of their religion and its sacred texts.

Against this scenario, it is therefore very necessary to properly understand this phenomenon and also address the root cause of all such kinds of hate and violence within time, lest that may ultimately result into different forms of terrorism, global terrorism or religious fundamentalism.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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