Divide-and-misrule: Heaven wouldn’t be up there, but right here on Earth if it weren’t for divide and misrule 😜

God turns off the TV and summons his PA (Personal Angel).  

God: I’ve been catching up on the news from down there on Earth, and it seems that yet again a whole lot of hornet’s nests are being stirred up in My name.  

PA: Yet again? But I thought that mandir/ masjid biz that had been going on for years and years had finally got sorted out.  

God (sighing): I’d thought so too. But it appears it hasn’t quite got fully resolved. Then this stuff has again cropped up about women of certain ages not being allowed into this other temple.  

PA: Gosh. What are you planning to do about it?    

God: What can I do about it? When I created the Cosmos it was One Creation, Indivisible. But in it, I also created free will in humans, so that they could choose to do what they wanted and get on with it without having me micromanage their day-to-day affairs. And the first thing they did with the free will I gave them was to create Me in their own image. Humans having created Me in their image, I became subject to their policy of divide-and-misrule.  

PA: What’s divide-and-misrule?  

God: It’s the human capacity, born out of the free will I gave them, to divide everything and everyone into different religions, so that what was meant by Me to be One Creation, Indivisible became many creations, totally divisible between majorities and minorities.  

PA: But can’t this divide-and-misrule, all these divisions be uncreated?    

God: They certainly can. But not by me. Only humans can uncreate these divisions which they themselves have created.  

PA: And how can they do that?  

God: Simple. By uncreating Me in their image and becoming atheists, so that there are no longer divisions between majorities and minorities. And humans will no longer have to look up here for Heaven, because they’ll have created their own heaven down there on Earth.    

PA: You mean to say …  

God (cutting PA short): Exactly. OMG, bus karo!  

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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