Critique of pure reason

Reason in its pure form is akin to Truth; and that in other way is God – the Almighty. Because God is holy, beautiful, serene, blissful, loving, kind, merciful and perfectly balanced and also full with innumerable other divine attributes which are beyond human perception. Despite this fact, the Almighty always gives us numerous opportunities to know Him through Law of Nature or Natural Law which has been beautifully defined as the ‘Dictate of Reason’ by the great ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Evidently, the Law of Nature emanates from the supreme divine will of the God as He is the perfect embodiment of Reason or Truth which is eternal, immutable, and the most beautiful and hence the source of all divine pleasures.

But then why we human beings, despite being the very part and parcel of the God who is adorned with all the above divine merits, bitterly fail in this mundane world to become beasts, living like a nasty and brutish life on the earth. Why then untruth prevails to such an ominous and horrible extent that Truth gets trampled under the feet of monstrous elephants of myriad shades of false propaganda? Unfortunately, that has become the order of the day in India – a country of several extraordinary sages and seers who led it to the unparalleled pinnacle of the rarest metaphysical distinction to make the country a Spiritual Guru of the whole world.

This is what is happening in India in case of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC where all so-called nationalist political outfits and their equally vociferous nationalist leaders and such followers are consistently doing since the onset of this Act. The untruth is being consistently harped upon by them in name of the truth that this Act will divest the citizenship rights of the most deserving minority community. Where is this provision in the Act? These pseudo nationalists very well know that this is not so but rumour-mongering and indulging into false propaganda are the best antidote to suppress or crush the Truth or the Dictate of Reason.

Unfortunately that is paying well in their favour as is evident by the ongoing protests against CAA and NRC in Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi and many other places in the country. How Truth becomes untruth and the untruth becomes Truth is obviously the present day reality in India?

But this must not happen in any civilized society like ours where eternal and universal ethical values like love, truth, justice, brotherhood, non-violence etc. galore in the national cultural psyche and the so-evolved traditional moral ethos of the country. These are indeed the cardinal features of India’s rich ancient culture as enshrined into immortal vedic hyms with a view to accomplish the ideal of ‘unity in diversity’, ‘vasudhaiv hutumbakam’, ‘satyamev jayate’, ‘sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramayh’, ‘sahanavavatu, sahanaubunaktu, sahaviryam karvavahai, tejasvinavadhitamastu, ma vidwishvahai’, ‘aasharma vyavastha’ or ‘purushartha chatushtaya’ and the spirit of ‘sharing and caring’, besides many more such other values. But all these are being grossly nullified today just for the sake of vote-bank politics. What else can be the better critique of the Pure Reason than the ongoing drama?

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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