COVID 19 Lockdown – 9 ways to thrive during quarantine!

While the world is fighting a war against the novel Coronavirus, people who are sitting at home under a lockdown are fighting another kind of war within themselves. This war is that of fear, uncertainty, panic, anxiety, loneliness and even depression for some.

As an energy healer, meditation Expert and a Inner-self transformation specialist – counsellor, I have been getting many calls from people who are feeling clueless, anxious and emotionally drained out thinking how they will manage their lives after the lockdown is over and even now as this is a complete change of lifestyle for many. There is anxiety that is growing with each passing day and people who were going through a low phase; this situation has only aggravated their condition.

I do feel that the need to manage mental health will be more now than it was earlier also because of the constant information that is being fed through media and social media as it is escalating the mental health issues. Mild symptoms are transitioning towards severe; people are getting increasingly anxious, some are even having sleepless nights or loss of appetite because of constant worrying and the fear of future which is leading to panic attacks.

There was a recent case in Delhi where a 23 year old suspected of being infected of the Coronavirus died after he jumped off the seventh floor of Safdarjung Hospital. While this is not the only incident, this unfortunate incident tells us that how this novel Coronavirus is impacting the mental health of people and the need to give attention to and make people aware of the mental health issues, that they may be facing however have no one to talk to or don’t know how to address it, is very much the need of the hour.

While the medical practitioners, doctors and scientists are trying to find a cure to Coronavirus; governments are trying to find ways to manage economic losses – both of which are equally important – however it is also important to find ways to manage the mental health of people – those who are recovering from the virus, those who are under isolation or have been quarantined for being suspected to be carriers or infected and also for those who are under lockdown following social distancing in their respective homes as a precautionary measure.

Let’s look at some ways by which we can keep up with the lockdown and social distancing with a positive mind –

1. Social Distancing doesn’t mean Emotional Distancing – While social distancing as a mandate is being followed by everyone – it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out to people- use technology for reaching out – if you’re feeling depressed or anxious – talk to your family or friends or even a counsellor to gain positivity and clarity in your mind.

2. Maintain a routine – Create a routine for yourself which you can follow every day. Make a routine which suits you and the family best however ensure that you are flexible as well in the routine. Accept the fact that there will be days when you might not feel like doing anything and may not want to follow the routine- if that happens give yourself a day off so that the next day you go back to your routine.

3. Healthy Eating – This is one area that may need more attention now as I know many people who resort to eating unhealthy snacks or food especially when they feel bored. Be mindful of what you are eating; in fact this is the time when you can Detox your body by eating healthy and making a conscious effort not to snack at odd timings.

4. Move your body a little extra – Exercising or taking a walk inside your house or doing yoga is very much essential at this time. Any kind of exercise helps in reducing the stress hormone or cortisol and stimulates the production of endorphins which helps in relaxing and elevates the mood.

5. Restrict media time – While you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news and everything that is happening around the world, it is important to keep a fixed duration of how much news and information you need to listen to. Seek information and news only at specific times of the day – once or twice and not more.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself – The current situation has become very overwhelming for some people and in an effort to keep everything under control, they are becoming more stressed out and anxious. Being flexible and adaptable to the current situation is what is required which means do not try to control everyone or everything that is happening.

7. Be Grateful and appreciative –Looking at the bright side of any difficult situation is sometimes the answer to all the worries. Being grateful for all that you have and appreciate the good things that the current situation has brought can help you becoming calm and developing a belief that something good will come out of this situation. This can help you in strengthening your mind and remain positive as every difficult situation ends also.

8. Learn something new – Spend your time constructively by learning a new skill set which you can do from home- It can be a new language or a musical instrument or anything that you had been wanting to do but just couldn’t find time. Now is the time where you can sharpen your saw and get ready to go back to your regular life with more vigor and enthusiasm once the lockdown is lifted and there is not threat of coronavirus.

9. Meditate – Meditation is a great exercise for your mind and doing it on a regular basis will help you to sail through any difficult situation with ease. Make meditation a part of your routine just like exercising and see for yourself how it will make you a better version of yourself.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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