Corona – A message from God ?

I am no statistician or mathematician. I don’t evaluate trends or look at predictability models. 

I am just a simple girl who looks at life a bit philosophically and tries to find the meaning behind everything… for, the creator, the master does it all, and I wonder why He has done what He has done – Corona!

Sitting under lockdown, I can only second guess, as, He the creator is not on WhatsApp group chats to share his views or has a twitter handle for us to follow His memes. So here I am, trying to make sense of the way… 

  1. Back to the basics :  The man who has been to the moon, under the attack of corona fends for the basics today – ‘roti kapda aur makan’ (food, shelter and clothing). He in many way has been shown the reality of what life was meant to be. People are locked indoors and brought back from the ‘beyond’ of Gucci, LV, Rolex, Prada. Every person, rich or poor, hidden or public figure, common man or the prime minister, slave or the Prince – all are treated equally, brought back and locked behind the doors. Time to introspect. 
  2. Thrown to the ground, facedown : Man – at top of the food chain, master of science, explorer of the universe, researcher of the medicine, creator of modern technology, inventor of mechanics, he who has turned into a selfish, power hungry controlling creature, who in many ways thinks of itself as Godlike, not God sent – but Godlike and in some cases even God. When the most superior being turns into this arrogant, full of himself, haunty thing, what choice does the Master have but to throw us on the ground facedown, and remind us who we are? He asks us to take a pause from the life we live in Kalyug and get back to ground zero, assess the situation, kneel down, fold our hands and accept – that we are just humans. Human – a word which we have forgotten the meaning of. Time to turn the clock back from Kalyug. 
  3. The world has come together : From the time memorable, the world has been standing against one another, kings attacking kings, nation hitting on nation, brother killing brother, man against a man – in a world like that, for the first time we see people stand together and not against one another. A simple lesson taught in the harshest way. 
  4. It’s not just about you : Honestly, I weirdly admire the way God works and achieves what He desires. Today, man – the most selfish being is turning to others and taking care of their wellbeing. Though it’s done selfishly, still he genuinely advocates for the safety of others. When was the last time you saw a man lookout for the wellbeing of a complete stranger? Yes, it is for a selfish reason, and that is what makes me admire the cleverness of it all in God’s plan. For today, he made the self-centered man go out and keep others safe, just in order to be himself safe. Keeping others safe is your only survival kit. 
  5. Finally, humans are being humans : This is what we were always meant to be. Being at the top of the food chain was never meant to be the arrogant monsters that we had come to be, it was meant to be a superior being who was to create a world of harmony to live in. The Lord had to take this extreme step to remind us of it. Today, we see people calling to be just one simple thing – to be human – and the world is following it. With people providing food to complete strangers, the officials working relentlessly for the safety of the world, medical professionals coming out of their retired holes to help mankind, appeals to the masses to provide for the poor, requests to not cut salaries of the needy, cry for the safety of the world. Yes,’ the world’. For the first time God has found a way to bring mankind together. For the first time, to survive we have to ensure the survival of the others. For the first time God has taught us what it means to be a human. ‘Being a human means being humane’

My parting note is a plea to you – the entire mankind. 

The show that God has started will come to and end. The curtain to the Corona theatres will come down, but with that, let’s please not go back to our old ways. It is a very hard lesson, a very harsh way that God has taken to teach us what he wants to teach. Once this is over, let’s keep the lesson in our minds and not go back to our old ways…if not, I don’t doubt the Lord’s creativity to find new ways, to yet again remind us, as to what he meant for us to be – as humans. 

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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