Onions and climate change

How many of us know that the recent spike in onion price is related to climate change!! How many of us know that we will be tasting Nile River water! This is all true and all are interrelated. Don’t be surprised if in the ongoing C o P 25 climate […]

Recommendations made to the ToP Bill by ILFAT

ILFAT believes that a comprehensive law against trafficking must be inclusive of all forms of trafficking right from forced and bonded labor, sex trafficking to begging and servitude. Currently, there is a multiplicity of laws, which deals with different forms of trafficking under the different laws in silos. Some laws […]

‘Privileged people who don’t speak up don’t have any right to complain later on in their lives’

Last week’s encounter on the outskirts of Hyderabad where four rape accused were shot dead by the police triggered congratulatory messages by some city-based badminton players. However, Jwala Gutta, a Commonwealth Games badminton gold medallist from Hyderabad, expressed disquiet. She explains why to Siddharth Saxena: Indian sportspersons don’t speak out. […]

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