COVID-19 Research, Summarized

Dear reader, This project is a work-in-progress repository of all the current research on Coronavirus and the disease it causes (Covid-19), displayed in a digestible format. I decided to summarize all the relevant research because even though more than 24,000 research papers have been published on Coronavirus, they’re mostly inaccessible […]

Populist and Pandemics

Imagine a train losing control and is about to kill 5 people and you have the control to stop it, but 1 person dies if you stop the train. What would you do? Save one person or save 5 people. This is a famous ethical thought experiment taught in every […]

BS-VI: Not a smoke and mirrors show

India leap-frogged to BS-VI standards on 1 ApriI 2020, despite all odds posed by an ongoing pandemic, lacklustre vehicle sales and a narrow window of three years for transition – all for the sake of clean air. In the lead-up to the rollout of BS-VI, the popular quip was that […]

Unclog the jails: Covid-19 lends urgency to ending overcrowding of India’s prisons by undertrials

Long panned for overcrowding prisons with undertrial prisoners and denying them justice through long incarceration, the novel coronavirus outbreak is forcing state governments to see the problem from the public health perspective. 70% of India’s prison population comprise undertrial prisoners (UTPs), a travesty of a statistic in normal times and […]

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