Let’s learn to love the insecurity of life

Osho Life is basically insecure. That’s its intrinsic quality; it cannot be changed. Death is secure, absolutely secure. The moment you choose security, unknowingly you have chosen death. The moment you choose life, unawares you have chosen insecurity. Such is the law of life, something which is inevitable. The moment […]

Kyoto to Madrid: If accumulated credits become worthless, it will undermine the idea of a global carbon market

Climate change is a threat which does not respect national boundaries. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide linger in the atmosphere for centuries, impacting areas far beyond the original source of emission. Yet, countries have to individually determine the trade-off between immediate economic development needs and addressing a long-term threat. […]

Maharashtra: The Devendra dilemma

Now it is evidently clear – there are many layers of mystery distinction of being only the second Chief Minister of the state having completed a full term. Removing a layer of mystery, he has just said there has been too much what happened behind the scenes and ‘between the […]

The new gang of four

Marie Antoinette was the queen of France. History has painted her badly. In one of those bad brushes, she has been reported to have said, If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake. In her Marie Antoinette moment, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is supposed to have said, what gives, […]

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