Science alone triumphs: Providing a true picture of the world, only science can help India against coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues its deadly spread around the world, it is only science that protects us. Many different scientists and experts are responding to the global challenge: geneticists, emergency care physicians, epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, transportation experts, operations researchers, economists, supply chain specialists, public finance experts, central bankers, the list […]

Ramayana has both literary and spiritual value

By Swami TapasyanandaValmiki’s Ramayana has a direct and indirect meaning. Some see in it only a great literary work dealing with the heroic exploits of Rama. But following the tradition, that scriptural texts convey something more than just story, and that this forms their essence, scholars of the epic have found […]

Let’s stop talking about Tablighi

We have come to a delicate and sensitive juncture of pandemic where we struggle to prevent ourselves entering into stage three, while a section of experts feel we are already into that. Fact, however, remains that the ratio of the numbers growing vis a vis numbers tested is a matter […]

The Tablighi Jamaat Fiasco

India was going great guns in its fight against Coronavirus till a few days ago until the Tablighi Jamaat fiasco in Nizamuddin, New Delhi came to light. This one irresponsible and callous act by a section of the Muslim community has jeopardised the whole effort of the nation in its […]

United we can defeat Covid 19

From the time I was growing up as an army brat, there were officers I looked up to but I did not know their religion as it did not matter. They served and died as Indians, and their blood and their sacrifices are remembered till today. They were of every […]

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