Cultivate the ability to step aside

By Janina Gomes Detachment is not non-involvement in the world, but the ability to step outside and reflect on our situation and remain detached from any desired outcomes. The paradox of life is that in order to acquire something you have to relinquish your attachment to having it. We can […]

Bombay meri hai !

Hurdles to occupation, Maharashtra Assembly Decades of singing at every campfire in school, college, NCC, an essential chorus would erupt, almost as essential as “raag Bhairavi” at Hindustani music concerts. “Bom, bom, bom Bombay meri hai…….with all sorts of humorous insults, for those concocted to be otherwise. An essential line, […]

Luck before you leap in New York

Autumn in New York was morning’s loose change dancing in a faded jean pocket jangling notes like high jazz as you skipped to the doo-wop-shoo-bop-feeling tapping notes like low jazz from Upper East Side’s favorite old haunt – Ella’s; notes so low her heavy voice is both sugar and murk […]

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