Dream of home: Build a Kashmir that welcomes back the Pandits and offers everyone growth opportunities

The 30th anniversary of the Kashmiri Pandits’ tragic displacement from the Kashmir Valley was somberly marked by poignant retellings of lost homes, scarred childhoods and enduring ties with a beloved homeland. Trending #HumWapasAayenge was an affirmation of their resolve to return, despite successive governments’ failure to facilitate this quest. In […]

It is time for truce: JNU students have been the unflinching voice of moral dissent. But it is time to go back to the classrooms

Trying to carve out a mega framework to explain the national movement against British rule, historian Bipan Chandra came up with a pithy formulation: struggle-truce-struggle (s-t-s). Chandra proffered that Mahatma Gandhi, the initiator and leader of the three mass movements in India, understood that mass struggles lose their potency if […]

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