‘Rules of the energy game have changed, oil market is rebalancing … Buyers hold the dice today, not sellers’  

As the Narendra Modi government gears up for its first strategic disinvestment in the oil sector, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan explains the situation to Sanjay Dutta:   Why is the government keen to sell its stake in Bharat Petroleum, the country’s second-largest public sector refiner?   The government has no business to be in business. […]

Changing colours: Zoologists have discovered a chameleon which changes from green to saffron with the climate 😜

Zoologists all over the world are agog by the discovery of a species of chameleon which has the ability to change its colour from green to saffron, and back again, depending on the climate. Chameleons – the word is derived from the Latin Chamaeleon, which in turn comes from the Greek khamaileon – belong to the Family Chamaeleonidae, Class Reptilia, […]

Momentous judgment on Ayodhya: SC’s adjudication of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute represents a new dawn for India 

Lord Ram is also known as Maryada Purushottam. Dignity and ethics are central to his conduct and philosophy. His story for the last thousands of years continues to animate and inspire the psyche of ordinary Indians and remains a proud narrative of our civilisational, cultural and spiritual heritage.   It was only […]

Shiv Sena: From roaring to whimpering

It has been eighteen days since results for state assembly elections were announced in Maharashtra and the state is still without an elected government. The onus for this state of affairs undoubtedly rests on Shiv Sena (SS) whose credibility has taken a severe beating in their single-minded quest to see […]

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