Civil disobedience of a senior IPS officer

Kaho nakhuda se ke langar hata deMain toofan ki zid dekhna chahta hoon(Ask the ship’s captain to take off the guardsI want to see the stubbornness of the storm) Abdul Rahman, IPS, posted as Special IG, Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission, quit his service today. He has posted two letters […]

Dealing with a fussy eater??

A common problem that mothers have to deal with, on a day to day basis, is to feed children who are fussy about eating food. This is a concern shared with me by many of my clients. Here are some tips to deal with a fussy eater: • First and […]

The Indic Knowledge Tradition

India has always been known as a ‘knowledge society’. Derived from the verbal root ‘vid’ meaning ‘to know’, the Vedas as ‘shruti’, are considered the fountainhead of what came to be known as the Indic Knowledge Tradition (IKT, also knowns as the Hindu Intellectual Tradition). According to the tradition, the […]

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