Why our digital past makes us cringe

‘Oh my god, I was SO terrible, I can’t look at it,” I basically shriek. I’m sitting on my sofa with an ex-boyfriend. We broke up two years ago, have lately been charting a new closeness as friends, and for some reason, tonight, have had the hilariously terrible idea to […]

The scare mongers amongst us

They attacked our Parliament, they kept Mumbai under siege for 72 hours, bombed our temples and trains, hijacked our aircraft, they attacked us almost twice a year , consistently, and whenever we talked of punishing them, few politicians, policy makers and intellectuals writing editorial columns warned us- No..No it will […]

One Love

A product of our times is all the unending talk of loving yourself. 100 years back there was no such talk.  People didn’t go to classes or read books on learning to love themselves. Did they need to? Did they feel loved enough to not need to? Did they even […]

Should I celebrate my birthday?

I turn 49 today. Ideally a birthday is an occasion to rejoice, to celebrate. My kids have wished me happy birthday. So will many friends. But I ask myself: what is there to celebrate? When I see around myself, I find little reason to go out, buy and cut the […]

It will be retreat or rout: CAA-NPR-NRC threaten the idea, national unity and territorial integrity of India

The aim of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the National Population Register and the National Register of Citizens collectively is to turn India’s Muslims into second-class citizens. They are indefensible in principle, infeasible in practice, and profoundly anti-national in consequences. They operate not in a political vacuum but against the backdrop […]

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