India’s choppy economic growth

Nothing else, except a short public memory, can explain the agitation around growth (GNI constant terms) slipping from 6.8 per cent last year to an expected 5 per cent this fiscal – a year on year reduction of around 26.5 per cent in the growth rate. Another red line we […]


The name “Delhi”, has many origins, but the most appropriate seems to be “Dehleez”, the doorstep and courtyard of peaceful, fertile, land. Could have been the Afghani invaders, even Moghuls, or a word of common utility, later stamped as “Delhi” when the British shifted their ruling centrum from Kolkata to […]

Sustainable Agriculture – the way forward

Any form of agriculture interferes with nature. Cultivating land and growing crops involves using the natural resources and converting them into food or fibre. It is essential to cultivate land as there is no other way of feeding the population. However, while cultivating, if we keep the utilization of natural […]

Manufactured Dissent 2.0

A few years ago after Narendra Modi became PM, and there was an uproar from the Intolerance Gang and Award Wapsi from the Congress/ leftist brigade, I wrote an article on Manufactured Dissent, which went viral. Today, I am compelled to write about the 2.0 version. It is incredible that […]

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