And am still waiting for you…..

They say luv is feeling of emotions …but I always felt it’s much more….Or else, there would not be any reason why am still waiting for you….Your killer looks, your lifestyle & those mischief in your eyes still makes me fall in luv with you…Life looks perfect …when am with […]

Has India become the global fall guy?

It can’t be very gratifying being the Finance Minister when the International Monetary Fund is calling out India for being a growth laggard pulling down world growth in 2019 to 2.9 per cent (from 3.3 per cent forecast earlier) and in 2020 to 3.4 per cent (from 3.6 per cent […]

In Luv

He was handsome & she was the queen….He fell for her & she too felt for him….They were in luv ….the real one….He gifted her solitaire, roses, perfumes & chocolates & in turn she cared for him….Universe admired them though & though….He could see world in her eyes & she […]

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