The curious case of imploding BJP partners

Shiromani Akali Dal’s decision to not partner BJP in Delhi is raising eyebrows. The ostensible reason is SAD’s unhappiness over the seats offered to them in Delhi and its changed posturing on Citizenship (Amendment) Act. But this hardly appears convincing. The Akali stakes in Delhi aren’t worth hairsplitting over a […]

Netaji, Hum Sharminda Hain…

To, Subhas Chandra Bose Dear Netaji, Seventy-three years after India’s independence, the only tribute I can pay on your birth anniversary is to unconditionally apologise for failing you and your ideology. Hum Sharminda Hain Kyunki…  You worked tirelessly all your life for Hindu-Muslim unity, but we are turning each and every issue into a weapon to […]

How technology saved China’s economy: Outsiders focus on how China is using tech to create a surveillance state, but it has also created a new engine of growth

Landing in Shanghai recently, I found myself in the middle of a tech revolution remarkable in its sweep. The passport scanner addresses visitors in their native tongues. Payment apps have replaced cash. Outsiders trying to use paper money get blank stares from store clerks. In the city of Hangzhou a […]

Umpiring bias: Given partisan Speakers in today’s polarised climate, let an independent tribunal judge defections

Speakers need no longer walk political tightropes when conducting disqualification proceedings against defectors if Parliament would heed Supreme Court’s sagacious observations. SC has questioned the propriety of Speakers sitting in judgment upon defectors when they are unable to detach themselves from their political loyalties. This is especially pertinent in today’s […]

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