Dismantling the Four Pillars of the CAB

From the Home Minister’s (HM) defence of the divisive Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 (“CAB”) in both houses of Parliament, it has become clear that the case for the proposed law is highly infirm, both Constitutionally and morally. HM struggled as he oscillated from half-truths about partition to a self-serving (and […]

It will boomerang: Impeachment of President Trump has been hyper partisan and damaging to Democrats

Based on character flaws, qualifications and experience, President Donald Trump is manifestly unfit for office. When he was duly elected regardless, many firms and schools provided therapy sessions to distressed snowflakes. The Democrats caught impeachment fever that has impaired their judgment. Fearing defeat at the polls, on Wednesday they impeached […]

Advaita vedanta, Abhinavagupta and aesthetics

By Advaitavadini Kaul Acharya Abhinavagupta made substantial contributions to Indian aesthetics. For presenting his views on literature, natya and other art forms, besides his views on a potential theory of art and aesthetics, Abhinavagupta rigorously examined all major trends of Indian thought, especially Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, while upholding the […]

You want me to choose between Nazrul & Tagore?

Is the Bengali identity under attack? ​​Ne​tas cry hoarse that we the people ‘misunderstand’ their intentions. We, made of very many people across the country including students and nervous parents, know that any legislation pushed through to divide people on religious lines is unacceptable for peace, harmony and prosperity. ​Riots […]

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