With no expectations, love blossoms

By Bhartendu Sood  Two travellers who survived a shipwreck, were washed ashore on a lonely island. With nothing to eat, nothing to protect them from the vagaries of the weather and with no one to listen to their woes, they started crying in desperation. Soon, they realised that crying was […]

The girl who fought

Seated in a cane chair at the verandah of a close friend’s beautiful bungalow in Kasargod, Kerala, I finish “Let Her Fly”, Ziauddin Yousafzai’s slim but powerful memoir. As I reach the last pages, the new year crimson sun rises on the Eastern horizon. Though penned in simple language and […]

What is Mr Modi plan for India’s Muslims?

After initially being a part of the Congress, Jinnah developed a paranoid fear about Hindus. At the All Parties Conference of 1928 he made fourteen completely unacceptable demands. But his fears seem to have been at least partly vindicated. For the past seventy years India has put increasing pressure – […]

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