The imaginary biryani

Laddu Pinto was unhappy about the economic disparity on this earth. While he was doing a course on happiness at one spiritual outfit, he asked this question to his teacher: Why is God so unfair? He further lamented, “I have seen people so poor that they do not get to […]

New Year 2020

As I sat in my bed soon after waking up to the last day of the year, I thought to myself, how could I bring myself to think better than all those years in the past where I would grab a pen and put my goals and aspirations for the […]

The inconvenient truth about the Anti-CAA protests

The self-styled intelligentsia and Opposition parties in India and elsewhere who have accused the Modi government of passing the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA to establish a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ may have to eat their words. In striking similarity to the Modi led NDA’s legislative initiative the Unites States federal government […]

How does the CDS make himself relevant?

The new chief of defence staff position is supposed to better integrate the three services. But the real problem doesn’t lie there. The real problem lies in the animosity that exists between the ministry of defence (MoD) staffed with IAS officers and the military brass.   Consider an example. The […]

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