O Womania, the world expects a mountain

Women in the workplace, in India, are passing through a transition phase of cultural evolution and acceptance. The story of a “career-oriented man” and “family-oriented women” is no more valid today. The 20th century has seen the rise of women participation in the workforce. However, let us not be in […]

Maintaining neutrality in a multi-polar world

 Geographical Pivot Location of India in the complete Asia-Pacific geographical segment, presents itself as a strong pivot with which both the Western and Eastern Blocs would like to align in order to counterbalance the other’s intended expansionist moves to dominate the region. India’s abiding tilt towards either Bloc will, therefore, […]

Coronavirus: Cashing in on calamity

The coronavirus epidemic, which might develop into a global pandemic, poses a serious threat to the world’s economy as travel and transport of goods get severely affected. However, there are those who, taking advantage of the widespread panic caused by fears of contrasting Covid-19 as the viral disease has been […]

Glory of Education lost in Riots

When Delhi voted recently, the voters opted for a government that was bating to strengthen the public education system. Delhi government’s effort to strengthen the public education system received global accolades and the voters of Delhi acknowledged the need of good quality public education during the election. Delhi’s experiment with […]

Age-based risk management of coronavirus

The well-known doctor Sanjay Gupta has confirmed that the world should be very concerned about the coronavirus for which the death rate remains above 2 per cent. In comparison, the annual global death rate from all other causes is just 0.95 per cent. Therefore, despite innumerable unknowns about the virus, […]

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