A Bad Start to 2020

There is something magical about new years, new governments, new jobs, birthdays, centenaries, etc. They bring hope that it can be the start of something new. We believe we can change old ways of doing things and start afresh. This month marked the start of a new decade. The previous […]

Sharjeel Imam and others like him

It is quite evident now that the Shaheen Bagh protests and others like it have been paid for and instigated by many people, including Islamists, Communists, some political parties and others that want to create anarchy in India. It is alleged that Rupees 1.5 Crores was sent from Dubai and […]

Rethinking Stimuli-Responsive Living Structures: Building Biologically, Living digitally

ETH Zurich plans to fabricate ‘living structures’ that shall track their conditions and heal themselves autonomously just as our body cells. The scientists at ETH Zurich is planning to launch an interdisciplinary platform consisting of scientists, technologist, computing analysts, and entrepreneurs to develop these self-healing materials from scratch into a […]

No Room for Violence in Democracy

There is no room for violence in a democracy. This is why democracy is always regarded as the best form of government where people at large themselves take part in their own governance. It is as long past as prior to fourth century BC in ancient Greece that a famous […]

Reality belies passionate rumours: If indeed India has a Bangladeshi problem, it’s resolving itself rapidly without costly government intervention

Many Indians believe the BJP narrative that millions of illegal Bangladeshis live in India, that their numbers have been multiplying fast, and that they should be identified, put in detention centres, and deported back to Bangladesh. The official count based on Indian census data tells the opposite story. Far from […]

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