An analogy: The sacred alchemy of love

By Jug Suraiya The strangest thing about the emotion we call love, which ennobles those who give and those who receive it, is that it is often born as a response to its polar opposite, which is hatred. The medieval alchemists were popularly believed to try to transmute base metals, […]

Happiness Signboard

I came across two disturbing news recently. The tragic chopper crash death of Kobe Bryant, the basketball legend, at an early age of 41 along with his 13 years young daughter shocked the universe. The same day, I got to know that a bank manager succumbed to a heart attack. […]

Budget 2020 Expectations

Automobile is an important industry to provide a large contribution to the faster achievement of government aspiration in terms of making India a USD5 trillion economy. Being a large contributor, the industry which already has a share of more than 7% of India’s GDP, the Government should leverage on the […]

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