Zamilooni! daithrooni !

Fatema Mernissi, a founder of Islamic feminism once wrote in her book the ‘veil and the male elite’ that if women rights are a problem for some Male elite, it is neither because of the Quran nor the prophet nor the Islamic tradition, but simply because those rights are in […]

Collegiate Arthritis

When college-age people come to see me with severely damaged joints, it’s a challenge. High school kids with the same issues are depressing. There are solutions, but they simply are not being applied widely enough The downward slide to a young arthritic joint most often starts with the first of […]

Celebrating Sahir

Dunya ne tajurbaat -wa-hawadis ki shakl meinJo kutchch mujhe diya hai, lauta raha hoon main(Whatever the world gave me in the shape of experiments and accidents/I am returning them to you)–Sahir Ludhianvi I never met Sahir Ludhianvi. I was in a village High School in Bihar when he died in […]

Women’s Day: Give in to the charms……Yes!

Women’s Day today. In a way, an understatement Everyday is one. Did Adam have a choice ? The God’s orders were instant. Men with half the emotional quotient shall be planning fashion shows, parties, get together, night camps— exquisite cuisine, which women can cook-up in a jiffy. Fashion designers lord […]

The road map for social stock exchange in India

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo There are hundreds of development-related schemes funded by both the central and the state governments in India. Additionally, the Corporate Social Responsibility law mandated the companies that earn profits over a certain amount to spend 2% […]

Badlo na!

Soon after lunch, as I moved to wash my hands, a colleague asked me, “How many times are you washing the hands these days?” The question triggered a memory. Some six months ago, during a flight, I was scrolling through the pages of an in-flight magazine. A foreigner was sitting […]

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