Mahacrashtra: Forget man and God, it’s now ‘Voter proposes, governor disposes’ 😜

Eh bhau, amchya Maharashtra madhey kai chaley kai? President’s rule? Are we some terrorist-ridden/ riot-torn state, or wot? Why we should have bothered to stand in line and sun at polling booth, and come out proudly displaying our black dot. These political parties have shown us the finger, and the black mark is on our democrazy only. Might as well have […]

Over to government and BJP: Muslims want to move on after Ayodhya. They must be included in the new India  

Ayodhya: Mohammad Naeemul Haq’s home and wood-chipping business is on the edge of the boundary wall that overlooks the site where the 450-year-old Babri Masjid once stood and where the Ram Janmaboomi temple will now be built after the sanction of India’s Supreme Court. He has had a ringside view of Ayodhya’s changing skyline and will see […]

What ails India?

India is the largest democracy in the world. The country has faced many challenges since its independence. The people have tried to overcome all the difficult problems because of their tremendous faith in the institutions. The institutions, however, may not have done full justice to their faith. It seems that […]

Was the waiting game necessary?

Those who made a political somersault to prostrate at the feet of the Goddess of power are today questioning the Governor of Maharashtra’s decision to “rush through” the motions of imposing President’s Rule in the State. The Governor, merely did what looked inevitable to political observers, who had been observing […]

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