Name, means a lot!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare The reference is often used to imply that the names of things, do not affect, what they really are. Is it true, in the complex society of human beings, […]

#BeingWoman in India

Right from the era of our great epic Ramayana, women have been tested. Inspite of being a true devotional wife to Lord Rama, in the end, she still had to prove her virtue. Did it not hurt her? Did it not cause her to wonder why she was put to […]

It’s yours for the taking

Energetically you are already aligned to your best weight, your best job, your best soulmate, your best abundance, your best wish, whatever it is. Enjoy it now. To do this, the Universal Energy wants to hear from you that you believe this and what it would mean for you to […]

The invisible hand of algorithms?

It is an experience that is widely shared. An ad suddenly pops up on social media about something that we were just talking about or even thinking about. Some of these thoughts may not be what we publicly admit to, being signs of vanity or worse that we sometimes don’t […]

Modi government is applied Syama Prasad

It was difficult to hold back tears going through the emotional comments of two Gorkha Bravehearts after getting their domicile certificates of Jammu and Kashmir. The story in TOI said- “Prem Bahadur can barely wipe his tears. The 68-year wait for this ex-serviceman of Gorkha ethnicity to become a J&K […]

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