Buffet and a la carte—– in menu and in life :

The early morning what’s app inspiring messages often leave me on the brink of spiritualistic doors of ecstasy and bliss. Every message I read and imbibe detoxifies the negative thought toxins and I come very close to attaining my state of nirvana. My kids are unable to fathom their reformed father though that transformation lasts for a very small duration. As time elapses and the daily chores kick up and pick up, my spiritual pursuits dissolve and materialistic designs evolve like a phoenix.

During one such flip flop morning between spirituality and materialism, I came across a musing which said—Treat life like a buffet and not like an a la carte. Take what you like and ignore the rest without getting upset.

Though I loved the profundity and depth of the lines, I tried to draw two different inferences. In the first inference, my mind was stuck on the words–Buffet and a la carte.

Both these words are of supreme importance to the dining fraternity and kitty groups as the cost economics of their get together revolves around these two words. In a la carte format, dishes are ordered very wisely and precisely. Menu card is scanned for prices before placing an order. Since in this format, there is a choice to minimize the final bill, every order placed is calculated, cross opined and evaluated.

A wrong dish in a la carte pinches you more since you are paying for that ordered dish from your own pocket, while, a buffet meal is like a kumbh ka mela with a menu as diverse and as varied from a soft kela to sweetened karrela. We do not mind putting every damn thing into our mouth and then end up bloating our already bloated tummies with indigestion jhamelas.

Subsequent morning is full of sound and fury with huge bangs erupting from censored places while adorning the pot. You do not suffer alone as even the pot is subjected to abject cruelty. To prevent such furious outrage, perhaps, the best lesson is to avoid buffet meal and to embrace a la a carte format. Pay less, eat less and become soundless without any morning pangs and bangs. In fact, an a la carte dinner lends balance to your pocket and semblance to your tummy while the pot rests in peace.

The second inference which I drew from that message was that life does not run according to your plan and is too unpredictable. You should not only love those who love you, but should try to shower your love to even those who have loved you once but have caused a hurt later.

Who knows, in loving those who loved you once, you rediscover the joy and ecstasy of that lost relation. If in buffet, you love to savour even those dishes which you love to hate, then why in your life, you never attempt to love those who are sitting on the edge waiting for your first move.

Love everyone in your life as you love the dishes of buffet. In a buffet life, you will come to know the value of your goodness.

Your goodness may not fetch you salutes but will surely make your life a live example worth emulating. I am reminded here of beautiful lines by John Wesley, a renowned English cleric—Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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