Body appreciation: A weapon against body shaming

‘Mota kisko bola be?’ A poster I bumped into while ambling in my college cafeteria. Skadoosh! You can certainly ask this question if you are like Pearl. “You know maami, everyone says that I’m chubby but when I look at myself I don’t find even an inch of extra flab on my body!”, not so slim Pearl grinned at me. “I look cute, I’m not fat”, my gratified girl retorted again. There was a new beholder of Pearl’s beauty. Who? Pearl herself.

This reminds me of my post-pregnancy weight gain, from fifty-three, I hopped to sixty-eight kgs. “Zyda moti ho gayi hai”, a shocker came from almost ninety kgs, five feet one inch framed aunty. “Hehee haanji”, I sniggered while looking at the ‘endomorph’ aunty. I preferred filtering her comment before responding and taking it too intensely as it was just her personal and unsolicited opinion about me. Yes, eventually my flab melted, not because I had let the banters of the people submerge me in self-depreciation but my body resumed to its original ectomorphic structure on its own. Aree haan, by the way, when I was back to my normal self these motormouthed folks still babbled, “Face kamzor lag raha hai, bimaar to nahi hai na tu,kuch khaya kar,thodi si moti ho ja bas, blah blah, blah”.

There is something in this great good world called ‘body shape’ that we all are born with but I feel people are more obsessed with its step-sister called ‘body shame’, an invisible black ink splashed on our bodies by others. The society has spelt out noxious standards of beauty and how one must look to garner appreciations and if we do not attain those benchmarks then we summon condemnations that make us question our own bodies and we suppress our inner exquisiteness too. Buddhism accentuates that beauty is formless; it is our intrinsic worth that makes us more alluring. Being a beautiful soul, being amusing, witty and being generous is far more imperative than just looking pretty. Set your own benchmarks for being incredible. Admire the way God has crafted you as in the heart of hearts you feel comfortable that way, there is nothing wrong with your curves, your stretch marks or your size, It’s your possession. Body appreciation is a weapon that makes you splash your own colours over the black ink thrown at you by the society, use it. 

Mirror mirror on the wall?  I’m the best of them all!

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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