Aligarh Numaish ‘House of Happiness’

‘To connect people to other people, and when all the people would get connected, they would eventually find LOVE together’.

To walk in outgoing winters, overhearing people in conversation often with themselves, rarely with others, feeling the flow of a small city’s life is not only enigmatic but it’s a therapy. Flow is sanctity I thought. As I walked deeper inside the numaish after parking my vehicle which had always been a Herculean task at Aligarh numaish .

The gastronomic mid-town of Aligarh is busy enjoying the most awaited event of the city that is Aligarh numaish these days. As I move further towards the narrow lanes of numaish, primarily a feminine shopping haven, I embark upon a journey to the never lands of nostalgia. Girls visit this place to buy their exclusive products, the boy’s throngs in this heavenly place for much-known reasons.

Oh, metropolitans if you have ostentatious and swanky shopping malls the small cities have their humbled Melas. The people from every class, caste, creed or religion can congregate at one place and have fun. The world-famous Aligarh numaish was incepted way back in 1880 for the Nawabs to facilitate them for their horse shows and to exhibit their wealth and lifestyle is a testimony to this sher Ek hi saf mein khade ho gaye Mahmood-o-Ayaz Na koi banda raha aur na koi banda-Nawaz (Translation ) “Sultan and slave in single file stood side by side. Then no servant was nor master, nothing did them divide.

The villagers from distant villages anxiously wait for this annual majestic event the city dwellers did not disappoint as well. To visit Aligarh numaish is must so that one can feel and live the flow of life also fathom what is the importance of cultural diversity is what the essence of coexistence with harmony is. Hullad Bazaar of the numaish is one paragon of it.

Just a visit to this boisterous full of verve and energetic place is heart-warming for me because seeing smiling faces all around is a stress buster. The sparkling lights, the decorations of the shops the Tandoor chai, the Halwa paratha is not only delightful but stress buster. Looking more at people than at the items meant for numaish is enigmatic. The Khanna softy ice-cream seller stall is so huge and embellish that it can give run for money to Italian fashion houses. The popcorn seller was not far behind though. Amidst all this, one could hear the advertisements aired on the numaish radio: Saree suhag – saree suhag, mere hathon mein nau nau choodiyan hain…” These ads would come to a halt abruptly and the announcer would say: ek ladka jiska naam monu hai aur usne laal kameez aur neeli nekar pehni hui hai, numaish mein kho gaya hai, jis kisi ko miley wo usey control room pahucha dey. Ting Tong”.

If the happy faces of the downtrodden who are at the wrong side of the luck make me spiritual, the clandestine glimpse at the scantily dressed dancers of the variety shows make me a sinner. This is the unique selling point of the numaish you name it you will get it. If listening to the vociferous invitation of Jhanda hotel and Nazeer hotel sales representative is irksome, overhearing the conversation of the owner of Nazeer hotel and his septuagenarian customer is a lesson to economics. “Reduced purchasing power and exorbitant prices of the products are seriously dampening the spirit of more than century-old event said the bulky old businessman man”.

After munching kebab paranthas we move towards the auditorium to watch some live theatrical performance from the young artist. The auditorium was jam-packed and the dance (Sama) performance was power-packed. while I walked back towards the parking place I thought what a beautiful exhibition of Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb as I just listened to Mun Kunto Maula at Krishnajali complex of Aligarh numaish.

While driving back I thought to connect people to other people, and when all the people would get connected, they would eventually find “LOVE” together As I watched a middle-class man and his wife riding back on their scooter with three kids carrying three balloons spiritedly. I did not wonder that those balloons were tricolour.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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