3 signs you’ve outgrown your relationship

Have you ever tried wearing your old clothes back which you used to love wearing once, but now you don’t feel like wearing them? That could either be because your taste in clothes has evolved with changing times or it doesn’t fit you anymore. (Both are valid reasons though!)

Just like we have outgrown our old outfits, we outgrow some of our old relations too. Check out these 3 signs to know if you have outgrown people in your life or not.

You don’t ‘Click’ anymore

One of the main reasons why we outgrow some people is because we don’t feel that same bond that used to be. Some of the possible reasons for that could be that you had a major fight with that person, your opinions don’t align anymore or your priorities have changed. That person who once used to be your top-most priority is now just another acquaintance in your life.

Your conversations seem forced and intellectually challenged

When you feel that your conversations are not benefiting you emotionally or intellectually, you’ll know that you have outgrown that person. If you always have to come up with topics to converse about, that is a forced bond which you are maintaining which will not serve any purpose in your life in the long run. So, the best decision in that scenario would be either to slowly let go of that bond or if you really adore that person, then talk about this awkwardness and come up with a solution to battle it willingly.

You make excuses to AVOID ‘hanging-out’ with them

Even if they once used to be your ‘best friend’, you feel distant to them now. You’ll make excuses so that you don’t have to hang out with them. If you have done this before or doing it right now then now you know that you’ve outgrown that relation and you have to accept it rather than avoid it.

If you are going through any of these stages then I guess you have cracked the code that you have already outgrown that person. And now you have to leave that bond for good.

“Sticking with these outgrown relations will cause you more pain than letting go.” – Gratisoul

You don’t have to end everything immediately though. Take some time, think about it, think if there is any scope of improvement or not, talk to the other person about it and how you can improve your situation for good. And then mutually agree over your decision. After all, it took you years to build that relation, so don’t give up on it too soon. Think twice before taking any action and do what’s best for you both. If they are affecting your mental health, then that’s a toxic relationship that needs an instant solution to overcome it. Just don’t compromise your mental or emotional health over anything or anyone. It’s not worth it. 

What’s important is knowing the difference between having a relationship that’s worth fighting for, even if sometimes you get tired of the fight, and knowing when there’s nothing left to fight for at all. There will always be a voice inside you that will know the answer. Just listen to that inner voice of yours.

No matter how tough it gets, if it’s not meant for you anymore, then you’ll have to let it go!!

You can share your experiences about the same in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!

Until then, live positively and happily!!

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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